Being accused of causing an accident due to reckless driving could involve criminal implications. Penalties involving this offense could result in a jail sentence or expensive fines. However, those accused of this offense could take legal action to remedy an accusation. By getting in touch with a well-versed reckless driving attorney, you may be able to craft an appropriate defense which could render a positive outcome for your case. Contact a West Palm Beach reckless driving by accident lawyer at Leifert & Leifert to get started.

How is a Reckless Driving by Accident Offense Typically Charged?

A reckless driving offense resulting in an accident could be charged by way of a citation or a summons to go to court. In the event of an accident, an at-fault driver would not be automatically accused of reckless driving if the police become involved. Reckless driving is described as a willful/intentional act, whereas an accident does not happen on purpose. A reckless driving charge would only be handed out after analyzing how the at-fault driver was driving, the nature of their driving pattern, and what witnesses could say about their driving.

Severity of a Reckless Driving by Accident Criminal Offense

An accident caused by reckless driving could be seen as an aggravating factor when issuing a reckless driving charge. If it could be proven that the accused individual was engaged in distracted driving which then led to an accident, the penalties could be much more serious. Reckless driving by accident is considered much more severe than the regular form of reckless driving because other people and their property were at risk of sustaining damages. If you are facing penalties, seek the services of a dedicated attorney at Leifert & Leifert.

Evidence Needed to Prove a Reckless Driving by Accident Charge

Common examples of evidence presented by the Prosecution when trying to prove a reckless driving by accident charge involves the use of photographs and video cameras. In the event that the accident was caused in an intersection, the Prosecution may try to obtain aerial videos or pictures to document the events leading up to the incident. The prosecution and/or a West Palm Beach reckless driving by accident attorney could also hire an accident reconstruction team to uncover other types of evidence.

Considerations Accused CDL Drivers Should Take

CDL drivers are held to a higher standard than other drivers. As a result, if a CDL licensed driver were to cause an accident, their CDL privileges could be suspended. If a CDL was found to be driving recklessly in the events leading up to an accident, they might not be able to apply for another CDL license for many years. Drivers at risk of losing their CDL license due to this offense should get in touch with a West Palm Beach reckless driving by accident lawyer for legal assistance as soon as possible.

Call a West Palm Beach Reckless Driving by Accident Attorney

A West Palm Beach reckless driving by accident lawyer could sit down with you to review the circumstances of your case and work towards developing a defense suitable for your situation. An attorney could also undertake most of the legal responsibility as well, such as speaking with the Court, Prosecution, and witnesses on your behalf. For more information about what a lawyer could do for you, or for help with developing a defense strategy, reach out to us at Leifert & Leifert today.

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