The school serves as a place to learn more about the world and to express oneself at every level. However, it is still a place where kids make mistakes and try to learn from them, which often comes with the possibility of making others uncomfortable and even harming others.

Title IX represents an effort to preserve the educational environment by prohibiting sex discrimination, including sexual violence and harassment. For students and school employees, an investigation can lead to a hearing in which the Defendant may face consequences. A Lawyer experienced in defending against Title IX charges in West Palm Beach could help you better understand the charges and protect your rights. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our diligent Title IX Attorneys to get started.

What Does Title IX Do?

Title IX ties Federal funding for educational institutions to create and implement processes to prevent, address, and penalize sex discrimination. Schools risk losing that funding if they fail to investigate alleged incidents properly, placing the responsibility on institutions to find out what happened.

The first question a West Palm Beach student fighting Title IX charges might have is whether the Law applies to their school. This Law applies to state schools and private schools receiving Federal funds. However, completely private schools may comply because of involvement in Federal requirements, state requirements to operate, or a voluntary decision to comply.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) creates regulations under Title IX, instructing schools on how to fulfill the Law’s requirements. Depending on the current OCR regulations, the scope of Title IX’s requirements for school investigations can change and complicate how organizations respond to an incident.

Schools develop policies and codes of conduct that everyone must follow, as well as investigative processes to determine if a violation occurs and what its potential repercussions are. Penalties for students can include warnings, restrictions of privileges, suspension, and expulsion; employees and faculty can face termination and loss of tenure.

What You Need to Know About Title IX Investigations

Most importantly, anyone fighting Title IX charges should know that an investigation and disciplinary process does not work like a criminal investigation and trial. As a result, the role of a Lawyer looks different in these investigations.

Instead of Police gathering evidence and a prosecutor bringing a case, a school investigator or panel gathers evidence and then holds a hearing. The school’s Title IX policies govern this process and do not require—or usually allow—legal representation of an accused person.

Students and employees suspected of violations can have legal support and should work with a Lawyer to defend against the charges. A Legal representative could help craft a Defense strategy, interview witnesses, and provide counsel during a Title IX hearing. Though headquartered in West Palm Beach, we could enhance your defense against Title IX charges anywhere in the nation.

Talk to a West Palm Beach Attorney About Fighting Title IX Charges

You may not immediately understand what a Title IX investigation means and what your school intends to do. However, with the help of a lawyer familiar with Title IX and its requirements for school investigations, you can collect yourself and your resources to create your best defense.

When you are defending against Title IX charges in West Palm Beach and want to learn more about the process, speak with one of our attorneys today. With experience in Title IX investigations and understanding your school’s policies, our lawyers could prepare you for all that may come your way.

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