A criminal Lawyer represents the person charged with carjacking, and when the Attorney represents the person, they act and speak for that person’s benefit. The role of the Defense Attorney is to act as the accused’s advocate. As an advocate, the Attorney must investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding a person’s case. They must speak with eyewitnesses and determine the best witnesses for the defense.

If you have been charged with carjacking, you should reach out to a carjacking lawyer. The main benefit of a West Palm Beach carjacking lawyer is that they have the knowledge, resources, and experience necessary to build your case. A Defense Attorney can hire experts in a carjacking case, and the Attorney can also hire a private investigator to perform tasks such as interviewing and investigation witnesses as well as visiting the scene of a crime to look for more or inconsistent evidence that will help the defense. Contact a capable criminal Defense Lawyer and know that you are in good hands.

When to Contact a Criminal Lawyer?

If person knows they are being suspected of carjacking, they should contact a Lawyer immediately. Ideally, they should talk to a Lawyer before they have any contact with law enforcement. If a person is already been arrested for carjacking, it normally it falls to the family or friends to contact the Lawyer, and it will be beneficial to contact a Lawyer as soon as they know that their family member or friend has been arrested and charged. It is never too late to call an Attorney, but it is always best to call an Attorney as soon as possible.

Ways a Carjacking Attorney Can Use Evidence

One benefit of a West Palm Beach Attorney is that while preparing a carjacking case, the Attorney can determine the person’s best cards are, which pieces of evidence will knock out an essential element of the case and perhaps cause the government’s case to weaken.

A Lawyer should look at all the physical evidence that was gathered, whether fingerprints, DNA, video, quality of the police investigation, etc. Once the Attorney has all the information being used against an individual, it is their obligation to disclose that information to that person and explain to them what their defenses are and what the sentencing situation is.

Preparing a Defense

The defense’s challenges to the prosecution might include whether the evidence was gathered legally, whether a warrant was needed to get some information, whether Miranda warnings were read, whether witnesses statements were properly gathered and recorded, etc. In addition to challenging evidence on legal grounds, the Attorney will challenge factual evidence. This might include presenting alibis, calling witnesses for the defense, etc.

The West Palm Beach Defense Attorney is often able to use such challenges to the prosecution’s carjacking case to the potential client’s benefit to negotiate a better resolution than 25 years-to-life in prison. Sometimes the Attorney can reduce the punishment to probation, sometimes by reducing the severity of the offense charged. Each Defense is specific to the facts and circumstances of the case, such as witness statements available and an individual’s prior criminal history.

Value of Working With an Experienced Lawyer

A West Palm Beach Lawyer could be beneficial in a carjacking case because they have a wealth of experiences, sometimes including work as a Prosecutor. As a Prosecutor, they will have Prosecuted carjacking cases, and defended individuals from carjacking. They may have taken cases that are serious and those that are not serious. They might have had cases where the individual they were working with was found guilty and charged with carjacking, but the Attorney managed to have those charges reduced.

It is important to have an Attorney on a case like carjacking, because it can be a very, very serious charge. There are varying levels of offenses that come under the label of carjacking, and an Attorney may be able to get the charge reduced to a lower-level offense.

Value of Hiring an Attorney as Someone Already Convicted of Carjacking

Just because someone was convicted of a crime in the past does not mean they will be convicted again. It depends on the facts presented. If the person has a prior offense and is being prosecuted for a subsequent offense, it is more than likely that the punishment for the subsequent or new offense is going to be much greater than it was for the first offense if they are eventually convicted of the new charge. The benefit of a West Palm Beach carjacking lawyer is that they will have worked with people with prior convictions before, and can attempt to mitigate the penalties of a newer offense.

It is imperative that if you have been charged with a second offense of carjacking, call an experienced Attorney who is hopefully a former prosecutor, local to the area of West Palm Beach and knows the local court officials, and can get you the best possible result.

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