Broward Traffic Lawyers Discuss Decrease in Teens Applying for Driver’s Licenses

leifertlaw December 1, 2010 Traffic Defense

Over the past three years, the number of 16-year-olds applying for Florida drivers’ licenses has reportedly from 58% to 55%. That’s consistent with a nationwide trend in which teens are delaying applying for driver’s licenses.

This could mean fewer accidents and fatalities since teen drivers have the highest fatal crash rate of any age group, according to a 2008 report from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Experts say concerns about safety be driving this trend. The rise of texting and Facebook have also been cited as factors, because teens can stay connected more easily without hanging out in person. Some teens cite fear of being in an accident.

But perhaps the most domination consideration is the economy. Insurance premiums for teen drivers can be expensive, and some cash-strapped parents may not be eager to pay for additional gas and other expenses associated with driving.

Source: Fewer 16-year-olds applying for driver’s license, South Florida Suntinel, November 30, 2010

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