Title IX is a fraught topic on college and university campuses nationwide. This civil rights law was passed in 1972 to prohibit sex discrimination at any school that gets funding from the federal government.

Part of the law is a mandate that an investigation be held, independent of a criminal case, when an allegation of sex discrimination, domestic violence, harassment, or another sex-based crime is made.

When you have been accused of sexual misconduct at your campus, contact our team to reap the benefits of a Boca Raton Title IX Attorney. Our seasoned Title IX Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert know the ins and outs of these cases.

Consequences of a Title IX Violation

Being found in violation of Title IX can lead to severe repercussions for you as a student, including suspension and expulsion. In addition, you are not entitled to full due process protections because you are not in a criminal proceeding. This makes it vital to hire a compassionate Boca Raton Title IX Attorney to benefit your case and guide you in the wake of these unsettling allegations.

How a Lawyer Can Help With a Title IX Case

Students accused under Title IX have several rights, including advocacy or a lawyer. There are many ways an Attorney can help with the Title IX accusation process, including:

  • Ensuring you and your parents understand your options and rights
  • Strategizing the best course of action for a favorable outcome
  • Navigating the rules and procedures of the college or university administrative system
  • Advocating for you during the investigatory, hearing, and disciplinary stages
  • Helping you prepare for interviews, hearings, and appeals
  • Filing a complaint with the school or the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) (which oversees Title IX)

You may benefit from a strong-willed Boca Raton Lawyer with Leifert & Leifert. They can lessen the mental anguish and anxiety associated with such a consequential situation.

Steps in the Title IX Accusation Process

To begin the process, a student must file a complaint. Then, the accused and the complainant are notified, and the school investigates. If there is insufficient evidence to proceed, the claim is Dismissed, with no action taken.

Occasionally, an informal resolution is reached without a hearing. Other times, when evidence justifies it, a formal hearing is held, after which a decision is issued. In certain situations, you can appeal the decision.

A practiced Title IX Attorney in Boca Raton can benefit your case by investigating the accusation. They will work to produce evidence in your favor, advocate for you during the hearing, and plot an appeal when the resolution is unfavorable.

Possible Outcomes of a Complaint Filing

The penalties resulting from a Title IX violation range from disciplinary probation and residential restrictions on campus to expulsion and loss of your academic degree.

Although Title IX is civil law rather than criminal, the impact of an adverse decision can reverberate for years and throw one’s life and goals off course. Having a dedicated Title IX Lawyer in Boca Raton assist you can be the best way to mend the situation.

Learn More About the Benefits of a Title IX Attorney in Boca Raton Today

Leifert & Leifert is here to fight for the best results on your behalf. Meet with us now to take your first step towards clearing your name and moving forward with life.

Contact one of our hard-working criminal defense Lawyers today for a free consultation. We can discuss the benefits of a Boca Raton Title IX Attorney in your unique case.

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