For many students, Greek life is an enormous part of their experience in college. Participating in a fraternity or sorority often involves hazing, and students that haze new members can be subject to strict discipline. Schools take aggressive steps when allegations of sexual discrimination or misconduct are made.

Under Title IX, colleges must organize a framework to investigate such allegations when a complaint is made. When you or members of your organization are accused of misconduct, contact a Lawyer knowledgeable in Boca Raton fraternity and sorority Title IX investigations. An adverse decision by the disciplinary counsel could mean suspension, expulsion, or loss in other privileges like participation in Greek life. Call one of our dedicated Title IX Attorneys today to help you fight these allegations.

Title IX Investigations Against Fraternity or Sorority Members

Title IX is a Federal regulation that requires colleges and universities to lay out a framework to address allegations of sexual discrimination and misconduct. Greek life members are subject to the same rules. However, since fraternities and sororities have a reputation for alcohol abuse and sexual misconduct, investigators often treat Greek life students accused of Title IX violations more aggressively.

A student’s participation in a school organization should have no bearing on how they are treated. A Title IX Attorney in Boca Raton can help protect your rights throughout the Greek organization investigation and disciplinary process.

Potential Consequences for Students in Greek Life

Although Title IX investigations in Boca Raton do not directly target students in fraternities or sororities, an allegation of misconduct can seriously impact everyone involved. A student in a fraternity or sorority would face the same consequences as any other student accused of misconduct. Potential penalties include:

  • Expulsion
  • Suspension
  • No-contact
  • Bans for extracurricular and social

A common issue in these cases is how to treat a member who is given a no-contact order with someone within their Greek life organization. When this happens, it could be impossible for the student to attend the organization’s events without violating the order. An Attorney could help advocate for a solution that permits both the complaining witness and the accused to continue their participation in school and fraternity events.

Depending on the circumstances, the college or university could also act directly against a fraternity or sorority organization. Sometimes the entire group contributed to sexual misconduct or discrimination. Hazing is a common issue among Greek life members, but it can have a devastating impact on new members and lead to repercussions for other members and the organization. While a Title IX investigation cannot target an entity like a fraternity, the school can take action to regulate them and prevent future misconduct. In some cases, colleges or universities ban certain organizations from campus or suspend them for a period of time. It is not unusual for the School, College or University to hold the Organizations leadership responsible for the group as a whole.

Hire a Boca Raton Attorney for Help With Fraternity and Sorority Title IX Investigations

When you are a student in a fraternity or sorority facing Title IX allegations, an adverse decision by the disciplinary board could completely change your college experience. Not only could you face the risk of suspension or expulsion, but the disciplinary board could also prevent you from participating in the Greek life for the remainder of your time in school.

When you are accused of misconduct, you have options. An Attorney experienced with Boca Raton fraternity and sorority Title IX investigations could help you defend yourself and protect your rights during the investigation process. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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