Being accused of committing a criminal offense could be a very intimidating experience for most people. Depending on the severity of the crime, you could be facing penalties which may alter your life forever. In regards to a reckless driving infraction, you may be at risk of facing expensive fines, having points charged against your license, and, depending on past traffic infractions and/or the seriousness of the offense, a potential jail sentence.

If you believe you are at risk of being convicted for this offense, consider the benefits of hiring a Ft. Lauderdale reckless driving attorney. A seasoned criminal lawyer could work with you to achieve a favorable outcome.

Severity of a Reckless Driving Charge

Being charged with a reckless driving offense is a much more severe charge when compared to other relatively minor traffic offenses. If convicted of a reckless driving charge, a person could have four points taken off their license in addition to other criminal penalties. A person could be charged with driving recklessly when they are accused of intentionally driving in such a manner that would place the lives and safety or other people at risk.

When one is in a situation where they are looking for prospective employment, whether it involves on-the-job driving or not, it really calls into question an individual’s judgment, first and foremost, so it has the potential to have negative consequences certainly more so than the run-of-the-mill speeding ticket.

Examples of Driving Recklessly

Common examples of reckless or negligent driving may include cutting in and out of traffic when driving through an area where there are a lot of children or workers around, or in situations when traffic is heavy. A driver’s behavior could also be called into question. For example, if a driver was found to be engaging in reckless behavior such as driving with one’s head sticking out of a window or driving while using a cellphone, they could be charged with reckless driving.

Important Steps an Attorney May Take

One of the first things a defense attorney would do in a reckless driving case is to look for any defects on the charging document itself. Reckless driving accusations typically require more than one allegation of improper driving. With this in mind, a lawyer may look for substantial evidence from the government to prove a reckless driving charge. If there is a lack of evidence, a lawyer could work to have the charged reduced or dismissed.

Court’s Attitude When Handling a Reckless Driving Offense

A reckless driving case could be heavily prosecuted on the basis of what a person’s record looks like. If the accused person has been convicted of previous traffic infractions, the punishment for a reckless driving offense could be much harsher. In the event that the accused person has a relatively clean driving record, a lawyer may be able to resolve the case without a conviction. In addition, the accused person may not be at risk of having points taken off their license.

Consider Hiring an Attorney Today

One of the many benefits of hiring a Ft. Lauderdale reckless driving attorney is that you would be working with someone who knows how to negotiate the prosecution and/or the judge when trying to dismiss or lessen the severity of the charges. In addition, a lawyer could review the circumstances of your case and inform you of the legal action you should take. For more information or to get started on your case, schedule a consultation today.

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