When a person is charged with reckless driving in Ft. Lauderdale, they are being accused of operating their vehicle in a careless manner that endangers the lives of nearby drivers and pedestrians. However, depending on the circumstances of the offense, some individuals may be able to attend driving school in order to avoid a conviction. If you have been accused of committing such an offense, speak with a criminal defense attorney regarding your eligibility to attend driving school as an alternative to a conviction.

Taking a Driving Course for Reckless Driving Charges in Ft Lauderdale

Drivers are usually required by the Court to take driving classes in a reckless driving case. If the individual receives a charge of reckless driving by citation or they are arrested for the offense of reckless driving, they cannot make a traffic school election to avoid a conviction. However, accused drivers may be able to negotiate a resolution through their attorney with the prosecutor. Included in these negotiations may be the option to attend driving school instead of being convicted for the reckless driving offense. Driving school done through a negotiated resolution or ordered by a judge does not count against an individual against their lifetime elections or their 12-month window where they can attend driving school only once during the 12-month period.

Driving School for Common Traffic Offenses

For general speeding tickets, most drivers would be able to attend traffic school in order to avoid having points added to their license or have a conviction added to their criminal record. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. In Fort Lauderdale, a person can only make a limited number of lifetime traffic school elections. For example, some drivers may be able to attend traffic school no more than once per calendar for a noncriminal speeding ticket case.

Format of Reckless Driving Classes

Driving classes for reckless driving charges include eight-hour courses as opposed to the common four-hour courses for other traffic violations. Although some of these classes may be completed online, the Court may order a person to attend these classes in person. 

Specific to reckless driving cases, individuals looking to avoid a conviction may be required to go to Aggressive Driving School. These classes are also eight hours and must be taken in person. Completion of this course could allow someone to avoid having points added to their license and a suspension of driving privileges in Florida.

Many private schools in Fort Lauderdale offer driving classes. Some of the companies that offer driving school are the National Safety Council, Broward Traffic School, and 1-888 Traffic School.

Why Can Taking a Driving Class Help a Reckless Driving Case?

Some judges make taking a driving class a condition of probation to ensure the individual attends driving school. The judge may terminate probation after the completion of the driving school. Some lawyers in Fort Lauderdale recommend that accused individuals attend driving school before the reckless driving case is concluded. This eliminates the need for probation. It also helps with the resolution and could eliminate the need for probation.

Other times, especially with younger drivers, a lawyer might recommend that driving school is taken to show the court the seriousness with which the person takes their case and that they are being educated as to the rules of the road.

Retain Legal Assistance Today

A reckless driving offense could have harsh consequences on your life if left unmitigated. Not only would a conviction impact your driving privileges, you may also find it difficult to obtain a job or secure housing. Luckily, with the help of an attorney, you may be able to take driving classes in order to avoid a reckless driving conviction in Fort Lauderdale. To learn more, or to begin strategizing ways to convince the court to let you take driving courses, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

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