When you or your child has been accused of violating Title IX, you might feel like the future you both worked so hard for has been called into question. You might feel overwhelmed by confusing terminology and fear the worst in terms of punishment. You might feel like the charges are unfair and resulted from improper motivation, mistaken identity, or misunderstanding.

This is a difficult time, but it is important to remember that a person has rights during a Ft. Lauderdale Title IX investigation. You can help regain control of the situation by consulting a knowledgeable Attorney who can stand in your corner and defend against the accusation.

Unfair Title IX Complaints and Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Title IX is a federal law is designed to protect students from sex-based discrimination and unwanted sexual misconduct in schools. The law applies to schools that receive federal funding, including colleges and universities.

One area in which Title IX is often implicated is alleged sexual assault and harassment on college campuses. The law has noble aims, but in some cases, the Title IX process can overreach, and an innocent person finds themselves faced with an unfair charge. This can happen when an accuser makes up or exaggerates charges in an effort to get back at someone or does not have an accurate recollection of what happened or who the actual perpetrator was. A person accused of Title IX violations in Ft. Lauderdale is more likely to have a good outcome when they exercise their rights during the investigation.

Rights in the Title IX Process

Title IX proceedings can be perplexing and seem overwhelming, but a person has certain due process rights to ensure the process is fair and unbiased, the truth can come out, and justice can prevail. Under the Code of Federal Regulations, a respondent in a postsecondary Title IX proceeding has the right to:

  • An advisor, which can be an attorney
  • Review the evidence against them
  • Collect their own evidence
  • Have an unbiased individual do the investigation
  • Have everything resolved in a timely and fair manner
  • A hearing with relevant evidence
  • Cross-examine witness
  • An appeal, in some cases

Title IX is a complicated law subject to constant change and permutation, depending on what type of school is involved, school policies, and the president. A Lawyer will be up-to-date on any changes and can help a respondent in Ft. Lauderdale assert their rights during the Title IX investigation and hearing.

Title IX Ramifications

The consequences of a Title IX finding can be severe, which is why it is essential for a person to exercise their rights during proceedings in Ft. Lauderdale. Possible ramifications include suspension or expulsion, lost school fees already paid, diminished chances of getting accepted into graduate or professional school, and–in the case of student-athletes–lost opportunities to play at the professional level.

Get Informed About Rights During a Ft. Lauderdale Title IX Proceeding

The filing of a Title IX complaint against you or your child can seem like a nightmare. You are suddenly swept up in a process you do not understand and that seems secretive and stacked against you. You fear the worst outcome, even when the situation might have resulted from a misunderstanding or was outright false.

You can maximize your chances of a favorable outcome when you start enforcing your rights during a Ft. Lauderdale Title IX investigation immediately upon learning of the complaint. Call a Leifert & Leifert Attorneys today for a consultation.

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