Hit and runs are extremely serious matters in Ft. Lauderdale and the rest of the state. At a minimum, leaving the scene of a crash that results in property damage or an injury is a Misdemeanor-level offense. In extreme situations, a conviction for this crime can bring a lengthy Prison sentence.

Because of the seriousness of these allegations, Law Enforcement will dedicate significant resources to Ft. Lauderdale hit and run investigations. If you have learned that you are the subject of these investigations, you need to act quickly to protect yourself. Hiring a hit and run Attorney to protect your interests could help you learn the status of an investigation and understand how to prevent any further legal action.

Police Investigations at a Glance

There is no doubt that Florida Statute § 316.061 and FL Stat. § 316.027 make leaving the scene of a crash a crime. Therefore, Law Enforcement will usually begin an investigation if they have any reason to believe that hit and run or another crime has occurred. After a suspected offense, Police Officers will want to obtain as much information as they can to obtain the probable cause they need to make an arrest.

If the case is still in the investigation phase, Law Enforcement likely does not have enough evidence to make an arrest. Even so, they may want to talk with a driver to see if they will confess to an incident or provide additional information. For these reasons, obtaining legal help when a person learns that they are the subject of these investigations is always a good idea. Talking with a Ft. Lauderdale Attorney could help people better understand how hit and run investigations work and how to avoid providing unnecessary information to Law Enforcement.

Steps to Take when Someone is a Target of a Hit and Run Investigation

Police do not need to prove that you are guilty of an offense to make an arrest. They only need to show a good reason to arrest a suspect. Therefore, whether a person recognizes that they were wrong to leave the scene of an accident or believes that they had no obligation to stop, making the right decisions during a hit and run is vital for Ft. Lauderdale Defendants.

Always remember that there is never an obligation to provide information to Law Enforcement. It is their job to obtain information about alleged crimes, and the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution allows people to avoid giving evidence against their own interests. Because of this, even people who are not under arrest can refuse to talk with Police and are free to leave an interview at any time.

During an ongoing investigation, obtaining evidence that helps a case can be beneficial. This can include showing that one was not operating a vehicle involved in a collision or that there was no reason to believe that an incident resulted in property damage or physical harm. A Lawyer can be helpful when searching for this evidence.

An Attorney Can Help with a Ft. Lauderdale Hit and Run Investigation

All drivers in Ft. Lauderdale have an obligation to stop at the scene of a crash that involves property damage, personal injury, or death. A Police investigation has the goal of building enough evidence to justify an arrest and prosecution. If you think that you may have violated these laws or are the subject of an investigation, a Lawyer at Leifert & Leifert may be able to help. Reach out to our team of Attorneys to learn more about your options.

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