If you have inquiries regarding the many different types of Fort Lauderdale speeding offenses, consider reaching out to a professional criminal defense attorney for a consultation. A skilled traffic lawyer can offer you insights from their years of experience gained in the courtroom while using their knowledge to craft a defense strategy on your behalf. Become acquainted with the following information to learn more about the types of Fort Lauderdale speeding offenses, as well as the ways a dedicated attorney can potentially make a difference in your case.

Examples of Different Types of Fort Lauderdale Speeding Offenses

Within the scope of Fort Lauderdale traffic offenses, speeding-related charges are probably the most common traffic infractions issued in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale law enforcement will give speeding tickets for driving in excess of the speed limit, driving slower than the slowest allowable speed, and driving too fast for special zoning conditions. Reckless driving such as racing typically involves some type of speeding as well. Racing is an offense in which an individual is alleged to be involved in a competition for speed, not necessarily violating the speed limit. Spectators can also be charged with violation of the racing statute in Fort Lauderdale.

Driving Five Miles Per Hour Over the Speed Limit

Technically, going five miles per hour over the speed limit is a violation of that limit, so drivers can always be pulled over for driving five miles per hour over it. However, most officers will not pull an individual over for a variety of factors. The main reason is that there is some reasonable error with respect to the detection of speed.

When it comes to speed detection, the devices used by law enforcement will always have a degree of error, even if they are technically calibrated. In order to give law enforcement more wiggle room to be outside those degrees of error, police typically do not pull anyone over for going five miles or less over the speed limit, but know that they still legally possess the ability to do so.

The Zoning of the Road

With certain zones such as school zones, parks, hospitals, commercial areas, construction zones, and high congestion areas containing many pedestrians, there is a higher potential for accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Because of this, the penalties for speeding in those particular areas are typically higher than average. Individuals need to strictly abide by all traffic laws, including paying particular attention to situations that may yield special circumstances.

The Role of an Experienced Speeding Attorney

While receiving a charge for a speeding ticket may seem like an expensive and stressful situation, know that you do not have to face it alone. A determined defense attorney can assist you by gathering evidence, interviewing key witnesses, and acting as an aggressive advocate for your innocence. They can help to prepare you for what to expect in court, and offer you advice they have accumulated from years of dedicated practice. If you wish to learn more about how the different types of Fort Lauderdale speeding offenses could affect your case’s outcome, reach out to a weathered criminal attorney today to schedule your initial consultation.

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