The stress and anxiety of facing federal criminal charges can be overwhelming. The outcome of these charges may be significantly worse than if you were facing criminal charges in State Court. As a result, you should not hesitate to consult a Palm Beach Gardens federal criminal Lawyer for guidance and advice.

A federal criminal prosecution develops from in-depth, comprehensive investigations by federal law enforcement authorities who have all necessary resources at their disposal. Attempting to be cooperative in the context of an investigation can result in your self-incrimination. Once you become aware that you have been implicated in a federal investigation, no matter your role, you should strongly consider getting the assistance of one of our criminal Attorneys & Leifert & Leifert.

Criminal Prosecutions in Federal Court

Federal investigators in all federal agencies have the resources to investigate all alleged violations of federal law intensively. Law enforcement authorities from the FBI, DEA, IRS, and SEC, to name a few, may spend months or years building a strong criminal case against various individuals. By the time they are ready to present a case to a grand jury, they likely have voluminous evidence in support of federal criminal charges.

Federal prosecutors present potential criminal cases to federal grand juries to determine whether they have enough evidence to prosecute those cases. When federal grand juries return indictments, individuals face formal criminal charges. They are subject to arrest and must appear at bond hearings so that the judge can decide whether and under what conditions they can be released before their trials.

Federal Criminal Offenses in Palm Beach Gardens

Various crimes may fall under federal jurisdiction and therefore be subject to prosecution in Federal Court. These crimes typically involve those that are related to federal government agencies, that occur on federal property or that cross state boundaries. Federal criminal offenses also may involve federal programs and laws, such as Medicare, Medicaid, income taxes, and contracts with the federal government.

White-collar crimes often result in federal criminal charges. Bank fraud, mortgage fraud, healthcare fraud, and more all may fall under federal jurisdiction. Securities fraud, antitrust violations, and identity theft all may be prosecuted in federal court, as well.

Other types of federal criminal offenses may include kidnapping or other violent crimes that occur in more than one state, drug trafficking schemes, wire fraud, and conspiracy offenses under RICO. Individuals often face multiple federal charges that can easily result in years in federal prison. Talking to a federal criminal Lawyer in Palm Beach Gardens may be the best way for individuals to protect themselves when facing federal criminal charges.

Sentencing and Penalties in Federal Criminal Prosecutions

Federal sentencing guidelines exist to guide judges in sentencing individuals for federal crimes. Individuals often enter into negotiated plea agreements that exchange an admission of guilt to one or more charges for a more favorable sentencing recommendation by federal prosecutors. In some cases, individuals may be able to provide information or evidence that assists in the prosecution of others, which also can result in lesser penalties at sentencing.

Defenses may exist that minimize the penalties that individuals are facing in federal courts, or more rarely, that justify the dismissal of the charges. In appropriate cases, proceeding to trial on federal charges is the only viable option. A skilled federal criminal Attorney in Palm Beach Gardens may be able to develop the defense strategy most likely to succeed in a specific case.

At sentencing, individuals can face substantial penalties for violations of federal law, including home detention, probation, fines, restitution, and federal prison terms. When facing multiple charges, the risk of spending years in prison is a real possibility. Getting the assistance of legal counsel can be crucial to avoiding this type of outcome.

Call a Palm Beach Gardens Federal Criminal Attorney for Guidance

While state criminal charges may result in unwanted consequences, facing federal criminal charges can have even more severe repercussions. Federal law enforcement officials and U.S. Attorneys aggressively investigate and prosecute any violations of federal law. Obtaining the help of Palm Beach Gardens federal criminal Lawyer at Leifert & Leifert can be central to your ability to emerge from federal prosecution with a minimum of damage to your life.

A federal criminal conviction can be personally and professionally devastating. You may become ineligible for professional licenses and unable to resume your career. To begin building a defense for your case, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

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