Soliciting the services of a prostitute is illegal in Palm Beach Gardens, and an arrest for such a charge may cause a lot of personal humiliation and complications, either with an employer or with family members. Depending on the circumstances, legal consequences for solicitation range from a Misdemeanor to a Felony charge.

Understanding the different legal options which may be available for and applicable to your case could significantly help build a credible defense. As such, if you are facing a solicitation charge, you may strongly benefit from consulting with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. A Palm Beach Gardens solicitation defense lawyer from Leifert & Leifert could examine the facts surrounding the case, provide legal representation, and help prepare your case for court.

Examining a Solicitation Charge in Palm Beach Gardens

According to Florida Statutes §796.07(2)(f), it is generally considered unlawful to “solicit, induce, entice, or procure another to commit prostitution, lewdness, or assignation.” While solicitation can technically refer to a variety of illegal acts, it typically is used in the context of prostitution.

Generally, a person who is charged with solicitation in Palm Beach Gardens has requested to provide compensation (money or drugs) to someone else in exchange for engaging in sexual activity with that person. The person with whom the act was requested does not need to comply with or fulfill the request for someone to be charged with solicitation.

Potential Penalties After a Conviction

In the state of Florida, a first-time solicitation offense may be charged as a First-Degree Misdemeanor. Subsequent offenses could be charged as Felonies in various degrees depending on the circumstances of the alleged incident.

In some cases, someone convicted of a first-time solicitation offense may avoid jail time and instead only face fines and community service. However, this is not a guaranteed outcome, and assistance from one of our qualified Palm Beach Gardens solicitation defense attorneys may be necessary to obtain it.

Potential Defenses for a Solicitation Charge

Entrapment may serve as a valid legal defense for a person who is charged with solicitation in Palm Beach Gardens. “Subjective entrapment” typically occurs when law enforcement personnel encourage or otherwise persuade someone to commit a crime that they were not predisposed to commit. “Objective entrapment” occurs when the government’s actions were so extreme that it deprived the defendant to their right of due process.

In some instances, law enforcement may use sting operations to create an environment where someone commits the crime of solicitation. There are many subtle but formative legal issues in setting up and executing a sting operation, and sometimes law enforcement goes “over the line,” manufacturing a crime where none would have existed without the sting operation. If you are arrested after such an endeavor, speaking with a Palm Beach Gardens solicitation defense lawyer about your case may be a wise move.

Speak with a Palm Beach Gardens Solicitation Attorney

A solicitation charge and potential conviction could greatly impact your quality of life. Socially and professionally, a public record of solicitation may cause anxiety and friction. In some cases, even your employment and potential job opportunities could be influenced by a solicitation charge.

Getting help from one of our dedicated attorneys who is familiar with the laws of Palm Beach Gardens could significantly benefit your case. Contact Leifert & Leifert for a free consultation, in which a skilled Palm Beach Gardens solicitation defense lawyer could examine the case facts and possibly provide representation in court. Call today to get started.

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