Having a roommate makes a lot of sense for some people. Sharing space with someone else could result in lower bills and reduced housekeeping duties. Some people cohabitate purely for economic reasons, while others form a household unit based on familiar or romantic ties.

No matter the situation, living in close quarters with someone else can lead to tension. When this tension leads to physical altercations or violence, it could result in domestic abuse charges. When you are facing these allegations, one of our seasoned defense Attorneys can help. Let a Plantation roommate violence Lawyer advise you on how to protect your rights in this challenging situation.

Is Roommate Violence Considered Domestic Violence?

Most people think of disputes between married couples or family members when they hear the term domestic violence. However, state domestic violence laws also apply to individuals that live together, even when they do not have any additional romantic or family relationships. The critical question in this situation is whether or not the two people living together do so as a family.

Living together as a family is a subjective question. The answer is clear in some cases—like when two people that share a child live together. In other situations, it might not be as obvious whether roommates are part of the same household or share rent and other duties within the same premise.

The problem with the subjective nature of these charges is that any physical dispute or act of violence could result in roommate violence charges. If the Police treat the offense as domestic violence, the penalties associated with a conviction could be more significant. A Plantation Attorney can assist with allegations of roommate violence by building a defense against the Prosecution.

Consequences of Roommate Violence

There are serious consequences associated with roommate violence when Law Enforcement treats this offense as domestic abuse. Depending on the specific criminal charges, a person accused of violence against a roommate can face the possibility of time behind bars. If the law classifies these charges as a Felony, an individual can serve years in prison.

There are also financial consequences related to these offenses. A person convicted of any domestic violence offense faces the potential for hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fines.

Depending on the nature of the relationship, there could be other consequences. The Court could order a person accused of roommate violence to stay away from the home they share with the reporting witness.

Consequences come with any criminal conviction. Even if a Lawyer in Plantation can make the case that an alleged act of roommate violence does not qualify as domestic abuse, that act is still considered a crime. The penalties associated with assault might be less than domestic assault, but a conviction could still result in incarceration, steep fines, and other long-lasting consequences.

Talk to a Plantation Roommate Violence Attorney Today

Allegations of roommate violence can result in serious consequences. Any criminal charge involving an act of violence can result in fines or incarceration, but the potential penalties are greater in cases involving household members.

When you have been arrested on these charges, you deserve legal counsel that will fight for you. Reach out to a Plantation roommate violence lawyer as soon as possible to learn more.

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