For DUIs, unless there is an injury involved or they think that the person is a fugitive or not a US citizen, typically, the person will not have to post a bond after they have been arrested. Typically, there will be a type of bond that the person can be released on their own recognizance, and they will be released after eight hours. Posting bond can be a difficult process to navigate alone, especially if this is your first DUI offense, that is why it is important to work with an Attorney that is aware of the variety of considerations when posting bond in West Palm Beach DUI cases. A skilled DUI Lawyer could devote the time and resources necessary to help you post bond, and build your defense.

Duration of the Bond Process

Once an individual has determined that they can post bond, they should keep in mind that the bond process can be lengthy. Once a person posts a bond, it takes time to process. The person cannot just walk into the clerk’s office, the courthouse, or the sheriff’s office and give them the bond money and expect them to bring a loved one out the door in five minutes. It takes at least anywhere from 6 to 12 hours to process the placement of a bond in West Palm Beach, depending upon how busy they are, how busy the jail is, how busy the staff is, and whether or not the person is close to shift change or not.

Working With a Bondsman

One of the considerations when posting bond in DUI cases is whether the West Palm Beach individual will be able to pay bond or not. If an individual cannot pay bond, they may need to rely on a bondsman, and if a person cannot pay the bondsman in cash, the bondsman is going to take a fee. The fee is going to be 10%, and that 10% is non-refundable. If the person does not want to pay for the bond, they could put up cash, but they would have to give the full amount. Some bondsmen will require a person to post collateral as security for the bond. That could be a title to a car, boat, home, or motorcycle, depending on how big the bond is.

If a person has a $10,000 bond, and they are paying $1,000 for the services and paying for a policy, the bondsman is going to want some collateral to make up the $9,000 difference because if the insurance company or the bondsman has to pay the $10,000 because the person or their loved one did not show up at court when they were supposed to, that bondsman is going to be coming to the person who purchased the bond to make sure that they reimburse them for the $9,000 out of their own pocket.

Value of an Attorney for Understanding Considerations When Posting Bond in West Palm Beach DUI Cases

An experienced Lawyer should know the different considerations when posting bond in West Palm Beach DUI cases and can use those considerations to your benefit. For example, a criminal Lawyer may have a working relationship with several bondsmen in the area. Typically, as a courtesy, when an Attorney calls a bondsman on behalf of the accused, the bondsman knows the Attorney and may bestow certain benefits on you. Once the bondsman knows that the Attorney has been retained as a courtesy for the referral, they might waive the collateral requirement, and you may end up only having to pay the 10% fee instead of collateral. Call today to learn more from Leifert & Leifert Attorneys.

Bond in West Palm Beach DUI Cases
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