Expectations of jail following a West Palm Beach DUI might not always match up to the reality. If you are arrested, you should expect to spend at least eight hours in custody and that is for a first offense or any subsequent offense. Jail-related penalties will vary in West Palm Beach depending upon the severity of the offense, the impact of the offense, and whether or not you have a prior record. That being said, whether it is your first or third-offense, they should contact a West Palm Beach attorney.

Environment of West Palm Beach County Jail

Contrary to certain expectations of jail following a West Palm Beach DUI, the environment at West Palm Beach County is comparatively calmer than most jails. No one wants to be in there, but they want most people to be on their best behavior. Still, there are instances where people break out into verbal arguments, physical fights, and steal another inmate’s property. 

Most DUI suspects will only spend eight hours in the jail and they will be kept in a holding cell and not be released to the general population. They will be kept in the booking area, in the holding cell area, and released after eight hours. If they are not eligible to be released, then, they will be housed with the main population. 

Access to Medical Attention in Jail

The jail has an infirmary with nurses on staff and they will take the person’s blood, and they will do a general interview, take the person’s pulse, their blood sugar, and, tissue and their blood pressure, and the person will be medically cleared before the person will be admitted into the jail. expectations of jail following a West Palm Beach DUI

If they find an issue during the medical process, they will be taken to a local hospital to be seen by a doctor in an emergency room. They do not perform surgery. They do not perform many medical procedures in the jail but it is more like a screening. They have both the medical resources to screen the person for potential problems and to dispense medication if the person is in need and already prescribed by a doctor.

Breath Testing in West Palm Beach Jail

One of the expectations of jail following a West Palm Beach DUI is breath testing. A person who is arrested for DUI would be expected to submit to a breath test after arrest in pre-booking. After the person has been pulled over, and after the person has been asked to submit to physical sobriety tests, and after the person has been arrested into the back of a police car, the person will be taken to the Palm Beach County breath alcohol testing center. At that time, after the person’s arrest and after the person has been taken, the person’s first stop will be to the testing center where the person will be asked to submit to a blood, breath, or urine test inside the West Palm Beach jail at the breath alcohol testing center.

Necessity of a Lawyer

Getting arrested for a DUI can be an overwhelming experience. Expectations of jail following a West Palm Beach DUI are sometimes not as bad as the reality. A skilled attorney can help you through this confusing time. An experienced lawyer can guide you through the DUI process and can fight diligently to defend you. Contact an attorney today, and know that you are in good hands.

Going to Jail for a West Palm Beach DUI Offense
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