Thefts are common allegations seen in West Palm Beach criminal courts. Thankfully, many of these incidents are misdemeanors where convictions are unlikely to result in jail time. In contrast, grand theft allegations are felonies that can return multiple years in prison as punishment.

A West Palm Beach grand theft lawyer may be able to help you to avoid these penalties. In some cases, a Leifert & Leifert team member can reach deals with prosecutors that reclassify these offenses as petty thefts. In others, our team can argue that there is reasonable doubt concerning your role in these events. No matter your desired outcome, a dedicated defense Attorney can work to make that goal a reality.

When does a Theft Become a Felony?

The State’s criminal code considers all grand thefts felonies. However, state law specifically defines what incidents qualify as grand theft. According to Florida Statute § 812.014, the value of the property involved in the incident and its identity can convince a Prosecutor to bring a case alleging grand theft.

Grand theft of the third degree is the lowest version of the offense. It can involve property valued at least $750 but less than $20,000. In addition, the theft of a firearm, testamentary document, or various motor vehicles fall into this category.

Grand theft of the second degree describes instances involving property that a Defendant takes from an emergency vehicle, such as a police car or ambulance. It can also involve theft that occurs during a riot.

Finally, grand theft of the first degree applies when the value of the items is $20,000 or more. It can also involve situations where property damage occurs during the theft that equates $1,000 in value. A seasoned Attorney in West Palm Beach could provide more information about laws that control grand theft cases throughout the state.

Why Hiring an Attorney Could Provide Essential Help

Grand theft cases are serious matters where a conviction has the potential to impact all parts of a person’s life. As a result, it is essential to approach these cases from a position of strength. This includes understanding the laws that control a case, evaluating how Police Officers obtained evidence, and determining how powerful a Prosecutor’s case appears to be.

A skilled Lawyer in West Palm Beach works to help individuals build a strong grand theft case. They ensure that an individual understands the law and what a Prosecutor needs to obtain a conviction. Our practiced Legal Team can also challenge the admissibility of evidence that may have been the product of illegal Police activity. Finally, they can argue that the Prosecutor’s evidence does not meet the standard of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Reach Out to a West Palm Beach Grand Theft Attorney Now

A grand theft allegation usually means Law Enforcement believes you have stolen an item of great value or significance. In any event, a conviction for grand theft is always a felony and can come with a lengthy prison sentence.

A West Palm Beach grand theft Lawyer wants to help you avoid this outcome. If you want to explore a plea bargain, our Attorneys can use the facts of the case to convince a Prosecutor to recommend a reduction in the severity of charges. Our Firm can work with you to build strong defenses against the core of a case that may help you obtain an acquittal at trial. Call Leifert & Leifert now to schedule your appointment.

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