Broward Juvenile Lawyer Discusses Criminal Records for Juvenile and Sex Offenders

leifertlaw July 17, 2009 JuvenileSex Crimes

In previous blog posts, Broward County Juvenile Lawyer Brian S. Leifert has explained how to manage a criminal record and given general background on criminal records in the United States. In this post, our South Florida criminal attorneys will discuss special forms of criminal records.

For instance, the United States justice system handles the criminal records of juveniles differently than the records of adult offenders. Most states, including Florida, treat anyone under the age of 18 as a juvenile offender. As long as the juvenile offender has not committed another crime, their records are usually sealed once the person reaches 18 years of age so that the person can get a fresh start as an adult rather than having their juvenile records follow them throughout their lives. The record can be kept open if there are additional crimes committed.

However, juvenile offenders are sometimes tried as an adult, and if the defendant is convicted, then the crime is entered on their record as if they were an adult. The person would then have to follow the same process as other adults if they would like to get their record sealed.

Another distinction is when a juvenile is convicted of a sexual offense such as rape, sexual assault, or inappropriate touching. All sex offenders, regardless of age, must register with the state sex offender registry in addition to having the offense added their record. The registries are accessible by anyone so that parents can be aware of registered sex offenders living in their area.

Special Forms of Criminal Records,
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