State law may identify many types of behavior as stalking, including making comments via social media or text. When the recipient of the message or conduct reports feeling scared or offended, the Prosecution may investigate the matter and criminally charge someone with aggravated stalking. The crime, also called aggravated harassment, can carry a Prison sentence and hefty fines.

When you face criminal charges accusing you of stalking someone, an experienced Attorney can help you prepare a persuasive defense to reduce the impact on your life. The Lawyers at Leifert & Leifert have a deep understanding of this area of the law to help you defend yourself against these charges and tell your side of the story. Instead of placing the burden of defending yourself on your shoulders, an experienced Boca Raton aggravated harassment Lawyer has the skill and knowledge to prepare an adequate defense.

What Is Aggravated Harassment?

Florida Statute § 484.048 refers to aggravated harassment as aggravated stalking, which includes behavior classified as harassment. Someone could commit aggravated harassment in several different ways. In all situations, the person must contact or follow the alleged victim more than once.

The first way is repeatedly harassing someone after the Court issues a protective order prohibiting the person from contacting the alleged victim. Another way is communicating with or following a person and threatening them more than once. Finally, someone may be guilty of aggravated harassment when they harass, contact, or follow a child under 16 on multiple occasions.

Rebutting charges of aggravated stalking requires attention to detail and deep knowledge of the law. The Prosecution must meet nuanced legal requirements, such as proving the accused repeatedly contacted or followed the alleged victim without any legitimate reason. An attorney in Boca Raton can diligently research the law and craft arguments to challenge the aggravated stalking claims put forth by the Prosecution.

What Are the Penalties for Aggravated Harassment?

Florida Statue § 775.082 imposes penalties for committing aggravated stalking, including a Prison sentence of up to five years. In some cases, it can carry a mandatory minimum of five years in Prison. In other situations, the Court can sentence someone to more than five years in Prison.

Additionally, a person convicted of aggravated stalking may need to pay a fine of $5,000 or more based on Florida Statute § 775.083. When the Court believes a person gained financially from committing the aggravated harassment crime, it may require them to pay additional money if convicted. Those facing Felony aggravated stalking charges should talk to a Lawyer in Boca Raton to develop legal arguments to request lower fines or a reduced prison sentence.

Call a Boca Raton Aggravated Harassment Attorney for Help

When the Prosecution charges you with aggravated harassment, this is the first step at the beginning of a complex legal process. You have constitutional rights during a criminal proceeding, and an Attorney can help you assert those rights to improve your chances of receiving a fair trial. Defending yourself risks affecting your mental health and leading to costly errors because you do not have specialized training in the legal process.

A Boca Raton aggravated harassment Lawyer can be your champion and guide during criminal proceedings. We can help you understand what happens during the case and how to minimize your potential liability throughout the process. An experienced Attorney may help you negotiate with Prosecution, locate vital evidence to support your side, and present strong arguments during the trial. Call today to discuss your defense options.

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