Colleges and other learning institutions have specific standards of conduct and policies for addressing violations when problems arise. An accusation or arrest for a Criminal Offense on or off the campus may result in students facing punishment through the Criminal Courts and the college or university they attend.

Campus disciplinary procedures differ greatly from the Criminal Justice System and Court processes. Unfortunately, students often receive harsh punishments without being able to defend themselves against the accusations. Schedule an appointment with a practiced Lawyer skilled in handling campus discipline cases in Boca Raton when you need help navigating the process.

The Long-Term Consequences of Student Disciplinary Actions

Campus disciplinary cases can often cause immediate and long-term adverse consequences for students. Therefore, fighting for a fair outcome is critical for students to defend their futures. Should the Hearing Officer find the student responsible for the violation, it may remain on their school transcripts permanently. Policies for violations vary from School to School.

The Federal Legislation called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act FERPA provides that universities, colleges, and other higher learning facilities treat student disciplinary records like any other academic records. They must add the charges and outcome of the Hearing to their permanent student education record. Other possible punishments include:

  • Grade penalties, additional educational requirements, or losing privileges
  • Written reprimands or warnings
  • Costly monetary penalties or restitution
  • Probation or Community Service
  • Temporary suspension
  • Permanent expulsion

Our diligent Attorney skilled in helping students plan a campus regulation defense in Boca Raton could help gather evidence, speak with witnesses, and prepare cross-examinations and statements. They would act as your advisor and oversee the proceedings to ensure fairness and there are no violations of your rights.

Campus Discipline Proceedings

Violations may lead to Federal or State Criminal Charges and initiate university disciplinary action. Some examples of accusations or charges that may lead to charges include:

While Criminal Court and school discipline processes in Boca Raton have significant differences, regulations entitle students to the basic principle of due process during all procedures. The school administrative disciplinary procedures also vary depending on the school. However, students have fundamental rights and knowing them is the most effective way to defend them and fight for the future of your education.

The Formal Discipline Process and Hearing

Each university and college follow specific and individual guidelines, but many basic principles are the same. After receiving notice of the complaint or accusations, the committee will investigate those they find credible to determine the charges. Once complete, they will notify the student of their findings and the time and date of the Hearing.

Each side can present their arguments and evidence to the committee or officer overseeing the case for review. After consideration, they will issue a response finding that either the individual is responsible for the offense or that there is insufficient evidence and they are innocent, then send a written notification to all parties. While our Boca Raton school discipline Defense Lawyer cannot speak on your behalf during the proceedings in most cases, they can attend and provide you with sound legal advice and guidance.

Call an Attorney Skilled in Boca Raton Campus Discipline

Charges or allegations of Criminal conduct or other policy violations at universities or other learning institutes put your reputation and academic future at risk of permanent harm. Our hard-working Lawyer, seasoned in cases involving campus discipline in Boca Raton, could guide you through the steps and help build a case to reach the best potential outcome.

We also have the experience necessary to oversee the entire process and ensure the school does not breach your legal rights to give you a fair chance to defend yourself against the charges. Call soon to schedule a meeting and review your case and options.

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