Because Florida takes drunk driving charges seriously, you could face stiff penalties if convicted. In addition to heavy monetary fines and possible jail terms, your personal and professional reputation might suffer. With a criminal record, you might find it hard to get a job and could lose the support and friendship of social acquaintances.

The potential legal consequences are even more significant if the charges involve aggravated offenses. Working with a highly skilled Wellington aggravated DUI lawyer can help. A knowledgeable attorney can explain your legal options and help you build a strong defensive strategy.

Definition of a DUI

Anytime a person gets behind the wheel while medication or alcohol impairs their driving abilities, they are driving under the influence (DUI). Generally, if a motorist drives with a blood alcohol limit of 0.08 percent or higher, they are legally under the influence. The State is strict on DUI offenses, and convicted offenders face harsh legal penalties. When facing drunk driving charges, a seasoned Wellington attorney is critical to having the best chance at a successful outcome, especially in the instance of an aggravated DUI.

What is an Aggravated DUI?

A first-time offender facing a drunk driving offense usually faces a first-degree misdemeanor charge. Although they could still face a hefty fine and even spend some time in jail, a misdemeanor charge is considerably less serious than a felony charge.

A DUI becomes an aggravated offense when there are more severe factors. An aggravated DUI is usually considered a felony, which carries enhanced penalties. Under state law, the following situations could turn a drunk driving charge into an aggravated DUI:

  • Minor children in the car or if the offense occurs in a school zone
  • Driving without a valid license, such as being pulled over with a suspended or revoked license
  • A motorist has one or more previous convictions for drunk driving
  • Causing another person to suffer serious physical harm or results in a fatal injury to a person or unborn child
  • Reckless driving, such as excessive speeding, driving erratically, or driving on the wrong side of a street.
  • Severe damage to someone else’s property, such as damage to a struck vehicle
  • Having a blood-alcohol level over 0.15 percent

Any of these factors can elevate a drunk driving charge to an aggravated DUI. The accused individual could face heavier fines and a lengthier prison sentence with this offense. They could also lose their driver’s license for a longer time, potentially permanently. A seasoned Lawyer could review the charges, look at the evidence, and help develop a defense strategy to help fight an aggravated DUI charge.

Get in Touch with a Wellington Aggravated DUI Attorney Today

When facing aggravated drunk driving charges, the sooner you get in touch with a Legal Representative, the better. Before answering any questions from Police Officers or Prosecutors, you should ensure you have legal counsel there to help.

A hardworking Wellington aggravated DUI Lawyer is skilled at investigating cases to determine the best strategy. If possible, they can try to get the charges dismissed or win the case at trial. They can negotiate with Prosecutors to get the charges reduced or the penalties lessened. Get in touch today to see how Leifert & Leifert can help.

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