Law enforcement officers have access to many tools and tactics used to record the speed of a driver. Some of these tactics include minimizing the ability of an officer to be seen and speed calibration devices. However, just because a driver was caught speeding using some of these tactics does not mean that they are guilty.

Drivers looking to challenge the speed recording tactics used in West Palm Beach should speak with an experienced Attorney at Leifert & Leifert for assistance. A Lawyer could help you review these tactics and investigate whether the calibration of a speed reading device was up to acceptable standards. To get started on case, schedule a consultation today.

Tools Available to Police Officers for Recording Speed

Law enforcement officers use many tactics to record the speed of a vehicle. The most common tactic is to conceal themselves to catch an individual by hiding on a highway or a dimly lit area at night, since it is harder for a police officer to catch someone speeding when the driver is able to see the police officer conducting traffic enforcement or speed traps. They may also use an airplane circling above a highway to capture a vehicle’s speed.

Radar Devices for Catching Speeding

When the officer uses a radar or laser device, they keep a log of how often they use it. When the instrument is calibrated and registered, and the officer is properly trained on the use of the device, they enter all the paperwork in the log.

Many patrol cars have dash cameras installed that are on the camera system. They may have the speedometer of the speeding vehicle displayed so the offense is captured on video. They can use all these different tools plus audio-visual devices to enhance their case to prove someone was speeding.

Responsibility to Maintain Speed Device Calibration

Law enforcement officers have the responsibility to prove the device they used was properly registered, calibrated, and maintain. They are also required to make sure that they are properly licensed and trained to use the device.

Officers do not need to have receipts from the speed-measuring device such as a radar or laser pointer and does not need to have the vehicle speeding on video. They just need to say they followed the individual for a certain distance and looked at the speedometer that was calibrated within the last six months.

Contesting the Claims of a Police Officer

When a driver believes that they were not driving as fast as the police officer claims, they should hire a Lawyer who can ensure that the police officer comes to court with proper documentation for the device that was used. A Lawyer could verify that the device was registered, appropriately maintained, and properly tuned on the day in question. They confirm that the operator was properly licensed and trained, allowed to use the device and the officer has a personal recollection as far as what happened.

The best way to beat a speeding ticket is on a technical issue which is better addressed by an experienced traffic defense Lawyer such as those at Leifert & Leifert.

Validity of Speed Radar

The weight of a radar reading is significant because it is a scientifically reliable device that is legally allowed to be used to prove the measurement of speed. The influence of a radar reading is considerable when compared to someone testifying in court that they were not driving that fast. The radar reading carries significant weight when someone is charged with speeding.

Speak with an Attorney Today

When charged with a speeding offense, you should expect a law enforcement officer to be prepared to show evidence recorded from a speed calibration device. However, a speeding offense could still be challenged with the help of an experienced Attorney at Leifert & Leifert. A Lawyer could investigate whether the tactics used by police officers were according to their standards and if a speed recording device was used, that the device was calibrated within the last six months. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.

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