This device usually elicits an audible or a lighted response on the instrument to alert the operator. The common risk associated with police radar detectors is that they could pick up other similar types of radars or lasers. For example, the device could pick up sliding doors in a grocery store if it is close enough. For more information regarding the legal and illegal practice of police radar detectors in Fort Lauderdale, reach out to a trusted attorney today.

Legality of Police Radars in Ft Lauderdale

It is not illegal for someone to have a radar detector in their vehicle in Fort Lauderdale. However, anyone possessing a commercial driver’s license cannot possess a radar detector in their vehicle. Any driver entering a military base or operating a motor vehicle on a military base also may not possess or use a radar detector in or around their vehicle.

Radar jammers are not legal under any circumstance. A radar jammer is a device that inhibits law enforcement’s ability to operate their equipment. Any device that an individual possesses that is utilized to prevent law enforcement from using their police radar or their police laser is unlawful.

Visiting from Out-of-State

When someone is coming from a jurisdiction where a radar detector is legal and is going into a jurisdiction where it is illegal, it is best to stow the radar detector in a manner so that it cannot seen by law enforcement prior to going into the jurisdiction that makes the radar detector illegal. There are only two jurisdictions that currently do not allow the use of radar detector in a private vehicle; Virginia and Washington DC. For all other states, a radar detector is allowed with the exception of the operation of the commercial vehicle.

Law Enforcement’s Efforts on Limiting the Use of Police Radar Detectors

To combat the uses of police radar detectors, law enforcement has adopted a tactic called “instant on”. This technique allows law enforcement officers to detect if someone is using a police radar. This technique is often used when trying to catch drivers who may be speeding while using a police radar detector. Although police radar detectors have been successful in the past, their effectiveness have been limited due to the “instant-on” technique.

Being Pulled Over While Visibly Having a Police Radar

When pulled over for speeding, law enforcement might be more critical than usual if a police radar detector is present in a person’s vehicle. This is due to the assumption that those with police detectors are looking to speed whenever possible. As a result, law enforcement is rarely forgiving when such technology is being used to break the law.

Retain Legal Assistance Today

Since police detectors give off the sentiment that a driver is looking to speed whenever possible, law enforcement may treat a driver who is pulled over for speeding more harshly. Those who have been charged with a speeding offense while having a police radar detector visible present should reach out to an attorney for legal help. Not only could a Fort Lauderdale lawyer answer all your questions, but they could provide you with professional legal assistance if you wish to mitigate a speeding-related offense. For more information, schedule a consultation today.

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