Domestic abuse is a serious charge, even more so when it is a charged federally. Federal domestic violence charges apply for those who live in jurisdictions where federal law applies. If you face these charges, speak to a Ft. Lauderdale federal domestic violence lawyer. An experienced domestic abuse attorney can look at the existing evidence, and use that evidence to decide which defenses will work in your case. Hire a criminal defense lawyer who can strive for the best possible outcome for you.

Violence Against Women Act

The Violence Against Women Act recognizes that domestic violence is a national crime. The federal government uses the act to help potential overburdening at the state and local levels. In cases where there is federal jurisdiction, the VAWA covers instances of domestic violence. Those particular jurisdictions include maritime circumstances, territorial lands of the United States, allegations of domestic violence crossing state lines, foreign lines, and entering or leaving Indian Territories. When there is federal jurisdiction, the Violence Against Women Act controls and often subjects a domestic violence defendant to federal prosecution and penalties, which a Ft. Lauderdale lawyer can explain. Under the Violence Against Women Act, the protection is for any crime of violence against an intimate partner. Under federal law, an intimate partner is defined as a spouse or former spouse, a person who shares a child in common with the victim, or person who cohabits or who has cohabited with the victim. In addition, the interstate domestic violence crime also protects dating partners.

Federal Penalties for Domestic Abuse

In Fort Lauderdale, the federal Violence Against Women Act should not apply. Federal law applies in circumstances of federal jurisdictions when there is an ongoing offense where an individual crosses state lines. For example, with an alleged kidnapping that originates in Florida and ends in Georgia, there are two jurisdictions involved. That triggers federal jurisdiction and the Violence Against Women Act. In Fort Lauderdale, a domestic violence case is usually prosecuted under state law and as a Fort Lauderdale case in the Fort Lauderdale courts.

The federal penalties a person faces after being convicted of domestic violence depend on the violation. One of the potential penalties for prosecution under the Violence Against Women Act is five years to life in federal prison depending on the seriousness of the bodily injury to the victim. Each case is different, but the penalties start with the least serious type of offense maximum period of imprisonment of five years and it goes all the way up to life depending on the seriousness of the bodily injury that is proven or caused.

Contact a Ft. Lauderdale Federal Domestic Violence Attorney

A person accused of domestic abuse against the VAWA should contact a Ft. Lauderdale federal domestic violence lawyer because the prosecution is serious. The federal government diligently prosecutes their cases. There is no discovery in federal courts, and sentences in federal court tend to be a more difficult or lengthier, as compared to state cases. Furthermore, violating VAWA can affect someone’s professional and personal life, because it is a federal charge. If you have been charged with federal domestic abuse, speak with a lawyer today.

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