Facing domestic violence charges alone can be daunting. However, it is not an experience that you have to undergo alone. By getting in contact with a domestic violence lawyer, you are putting yourself in the best position to mount a defense to the potential penalties you face.  A skilled lawyer can use their knowledge of local laws, and their relationship with the judges and prosecutors, to fight for a positive outcome for you to mitigate any Ft. Lauderdale domestic violence penalties that may be in your future.

Potential Penalties

If a case remains a domestic violence-related case, it is the sort of case that cannot be sealed, even if it is resolved with a no-contest plea and adjudication is withheld. If a domestic violence case is not handled properly and effectively, it can have wide-ranging ramifications down the road as a result of an individual’s inability to have it removed from their record, even with a relatively good result. For example, no jail time, withholding of adjudication, and a no-contest plea still would result in an individual’s inability to have their case sealed from their record.

Mandatory Minimums

There are minimum mandatory penalties with respect to domestic violence cases. Judges must impose periods of probation and domestic violence counseling. In cases where an individual is convicted and it was proven that there was a physical injury to the alleged victim in the case, Florida law requires a mandatory period of five days in the county jail.

Because of minimum mandatory sentencing, it is important for an individual to have a domestic violence defense attorney by their side the entire way through. These types of cases can have negative consequences on any divorce or custody case that might be ongoing at the time. Domestic violence criminal cases have an effect on child custody issues and child visitation issues.

Consequences on Someone’s Personal Life

These cases can have an impact on the ownership, use, or possession of firearms. They also can restrictions with respect to contact. For example, spouses might be limited from having contact. The benefit of a Ft. Lauderdale domestic violence attorney getting involved is that they might be able to advocate at the first hearing, for contact if the parties agree or if it is ordered that there was no contact, they can attempt to go back in front of the judge to have that modified.

Employment Opportunities

Domestic violence cases can have negative ramifications with respect to employment opportunities. Many employees ask about domestic violence-related cases. Many employers are more reluctant to extend a job offer or position to somebody that has an entry on their record for a domestic violence case.

Certain employment opportunities that are high profile or public service-related, like teaching, nursing, social services, political offices, and law enforcement are impeded by having a domestic violence entry on a person’s record. Jobs involving the requirement to have any weapons or hazardous materials would be affected by somebody having a domestic violence case, as well.

Immigration Consequences

Now, more so than ever before, there are immigration consequences not only to any criminal case but particularly to a domestic violence case. Under federal immigration laws, domestic violence convictions can be grounds for deportation or exclusion. Domestic violence cases can have a negative impact on somebody’s credit score and their ability to qualify or get a loan. Thus, the person will have issues with respect to renting or homeowner’s associations might disqualify somebody from living in a particular community or becoming a member of an HOA or disqualify somebody from a lease. A  domestic violence attorney is that they can fight the potential Ft. Lauderdale domestic violence penalties someone faces, particularly regarding immigration.

Necessity of Contacting an Attorney

Domestic violence cases differ from other cases in that they have very specific rules and circumstances. It is a carved out area of law by the legislator and it is carved out in the court system. There are designated judges that solely handle domestic violence cases. The state attorney’s office has a domestic violence unit. Therefore, these cases are different and require a great degree of skill and knowledge. The benefit of a Ft. Lauderdale domestic violence attorney by your side from the beginning is that it is going to be extremely helpful and increase your chances of success in the case. A lawyer can devote the time and resources necessary to advocate for you.

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