Florida’s DUI laws are enforced very rigorously. Driving a motor vehicle is a dangerous undertaking. When alcohol and/or any other controlled substance or anything else that impairs drivers ability to safely operate their motor vehicle is added, it could result in serious consequences.

Not only an arrest, for example, but statistics have proven that alcohol-related accidents and alcohol-related deaths on the streets and highways happen on a regular basis. Because of the serious enforcement of Ft. Lauderdale DUI laws, it is important for individuals to work with experienced DUI attorneys who have a good understanding of the local laws and how they will come up later on in their case.

Potential Consequences

The DUI penalties in Florida are quite substantial, severe, and significant and the most severe is the mandatory conviction or adjudication. If a police officer suspects that an individual was driving under the influence and they come to that conclusion, they make an arrest. A DUI charge can result in a conviction which goes on an individual’s permanent record.

That means that even if the judge in a DUI case wants to leave a conviction off of an individual’s record, Florida mandates that any individual who is found guilty or pleads guilty or no contest to a DUI must be convicted. In many other situations and types of cases, judges have the discretion to leave a conviction off of a person’s record. The fact that there is a mandatory conviction for driving under the influence in the state of Florida is a significant consequence. Minimum mandatory sentencing also creates issues for people charged with DUI.


DUI penalties come with mandatory probation, mandatory fines, court costs, mandatory community service, mandatory suspension of an individual’s driver’s license, DUI-related classes, and impoundment of an individual’s vehicle due to the heavy enforcement of DUI laws in Ft. Lauderdale. It is a criminal offense, so the charges appear on someone’s personal criminal record. There is also a great deal of stigma associated with driving under the influence. There are many good and honest people who end up being charged with driving under the influence.

If the case does not go their way and the conviction winds up on their record, that creates a situation that could affect their reputation, livelihood, their ability to obtain or maintain employment, their ability to secure certain licensing, and educational opportunities The consequences are quite significant as they relate to the potential penalties and ramifications of receiving the charge of driving under the influence in the state of Florida.

Focus on DUI Offenses

There is a lot of danger involved and many deaths occur annually due to DUIs in Ft. Lauderdale, so the laws are going to be enforced with excessive scrutiny. In Florida, there are special units commonly referred to as DUI task forces within the Sheriff’s Offices. Law enforcement believes that the more they enforce the states’ DUI laws the less likely it is that somebody puts themselves in a position to be under scrutiny and/or commit the offense.

Law enforcement believes the more they enforce, the more awareness there is going to be. The tougher the penalties are, those individuals might think a little longer and harder about whether or not they are going to get into their car after having a couple of drinks or splitting a bottle of wine with a friend or a loved one over dinner. Because of the strict enforcement of Ft. Lauderdale DUI laws, many offenses come to light and it is necessary for strong defenses to be brought forth as well to help with all aspects of their client’s case.

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