Most criminal defense attorneys in Fort Lauderdale provide a free initial consultation to anyone charged with a drug-related crime. As far as the economics are concerned, an individual has nothing to lose from a monetary standpoint. At that time, the defense attorney can discuss the case with the defendant and the possible defenses and strategies. The attorney will need to know the surrounding facts and circumstances about the individual’s life, their family, employment situation, and criminal history or lack thereof to begin mitigating drug charges in Ft. Lauderdale.

The charged person should contact a seasoned defense attorney as soon as possible. If the individual is facing investigation and has not been charged yet, they should not talk to law enforcement without at least taking the advice of an experienced defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale. The benefits are countless. By speaking with an experienced drug lawyer prior to being charged, it will hopefully put the person in a position to avoid prosecution or at least mitigate the damage of the offense.

What Legal Resources Could Help with Mitigating Drug Charges?

Mitigating drug charges begins with private Investigators and legal research. Ft. Lauderdale drug cases are one of the more common prosecuted cases have generated a plethora of case law in the entire state, not just here in the Fort Lauderdale area. Florida is governed by the Fourth District Court of Appeal with access to just tons of legal precedent dealing with a variety of different issues. Issues that not only frame the issues for the defense, but also give the defense really good strategies as to how to defend these types of cases; how to work them up; putting the defense in a position to be more successful when filing motions to suppress, dismiss, or exclude evidence.

The general knowledge accumulated over the years by defense attorneys in handling drug case over and over again allows them to become familiar with the issues. They know what will work in obtaining the best possible result. Their ability to investigate the Government’s case, their access to the law and legal precedent, and the ability to research the issues; gives an experienced defense attorney the resources necessary to defend anyone who is charged with a drug-related offense in Fort Lauderdale and mitigate the potential penalties.

Legal Advice for Minimizing the Consequences of a Charge

It is best to avoid prosecution altogether. If somebody is the subject of an investigation, or if a Police Officer just wants to speak with them, it is imperative that the individual reach out to a drug defense attorney in Ft. Lauderdale to begin mitigating drug charges.

The best advice would be not to talk to Law Enforcement, or not talk to them without an attorney present. Anything an individual says can be potential evidence used against him, if they are facing prosecution, or could be used as evidence to build a case against somebody who might otherwise elect to exercise their Fifth Amendment privilege and not engage law enforcement in questioning or any type of conversation.

Call an Attorney about Mitigating Drug Charges in Ft. Lauderdale

When mitigating drug charges in Ft. Lauderdale, local attorneys consider schedules, amounts, and classifications of the alleged substance. People typically are not familiar with what the Statutes say and how to obtain the best possible resolution. However, experienced lawyers can file a motion to dismiss or suppress on behalf of a potential client. If the case cannot be won based on a filed motion, the attorney can conduct depositions and engage the prosecutor in an effort to negotiate a resolution.

To learn more about your defense options, reach out to our firm today. 

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