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Ft Lauderdale Drug Manufacturing Lawyer 

Under Fort Lauderdale Law and in Florida, drug manufacturing can involve the actual manufacturing or cultivation of unlawful or illegal drugs or controlled substances. Speaking with a Ft Lauderdale drug manufacturing lawyer about your case can give you peace of mind when preparing for trial. An experienced drug attorney has the local understanding to help you build the strongest defense for your future.

Types of Drug Manufacturing Offenses

Drug manufacturing offenses fall under specific laws that separate the charges from other drug crimes. There are different subsections and different statutes that deal with drug manufacturing as compared to possession or drug trafficking.

Examples of controlled substances include:

  • Ephedrine,
  • Pseudo-ephedrine or other chemicals that are necessary in the manufacturing of those other drugs.

Ft Lauderdale drug manufacturing lawyers have seen drug manufacturing cases including:

  • Operating a grow house
  • Operating a meth lab
  • Cultivation of heroin or cocaine
  • Possessing, trafficking, or distribution of the chemicals necessary for manufacturing illegal substances

Drug Charges for Material Suppliers

It all comes down to culpability and whether or not they are the actual main focus or target by Law Enforcement. Law Enforcement in Fort Lauderdale utilizes somebody in that position to go after the “bigger fish” and work their way up the chain.
Most people are prosecuted, but they might be looked at a little different in hopes that they might be able to assist or provide information regarding some other people who Law Enforcement or Prosecutors might deem to be more culpable.

Permission under State Law

Individuals can still be arrested if manufacturing is illegal under federal law only and not local law. The most common example of that in other jurisdictions would be marijuana or cannabis. A lot of states have passed lawful use of recreational marijuana or cannabis. The Federal government has not done so.

Avoiding Self-Incrimination

Individuals should not do anything involving their case without their attorney’s knowledge, and do not do anything that would cause Law Enforcement to believe that there is engagement in any additional or future alleged criminal activity or behavior. The individual should get a Ft Lauderdale drug manufacturing lawyer as soon as possible and keep a low profile.

Understanding Local Laws

If an individual is facing charges or under investigation, the best thing to do is engage the services of a Fort Lauderdale drug manufacturing lawyer that not only has experience in defending drug-related cases.

If an individual retains a defense attorney with enough experience, at least 10 to 15 years, he would have seen a fact pattern somewhat similar to the individual who is looking for help and would know how to defend him in a drug-related case or a drug trafficking case in Fort Lauderdale.

Most attorneys offer initial free consultation and then look towards actual representation and defense of whatever charge the individual is facing in Fort Lauderdale.

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