Intimidating factors of Ft Lauderdale drug charges are a result of the amount of stigma associated with it. Any criminal charge can be intimidating but the consequences of a drug-related charge make it more intimidating than some other criminal offenses. Most drug related charges are felonies and the overwhelming majority of drug charges are felonies. Felonies are more serious than misdemeanors so the consequences are more severe.

Drug charges in Fort Lauderdale can affect future employment prospects, career opportunities. Almost any decent employer offering an employment opportunity will do a background check or inquire as to whether someone has any criminal charges on their record or in their past. Speak with an experienced substance Attorney regarding what long term penalties you can face from drug charge convictions.

Impact of Felony Drug Charges

Felonies are more of a problem than Misdemeanors and as stated, most drug charges are of the Felony nature as opposed to Misdemeanors. Employers are reluctant to give job opportunities to somebody who might have had a Felony drug offense or Felony drug possession case on their record, but the direct consequences of the charge make it intimidating in and of itself. Intimidating factors of Ft Lauderdale drug charges worsen with Felony convictions because they carry a certain degree of stigma and loss of some civil rights. For example, the ability to vote, own or possess a firearm, and a great number of employers that will not hire somebody with a felony conviction. The consensus is that an individual with a Felony conviction on their record is less trustworthy than somebody without a Felony conviction.

Individuals who have drug cases on their record could face disqualification from receiving certain federal funding whether it be student loans or denial of certain federal jobs. This could include housing opportunities, inability to obtain or maintain security clearances for a government related job or any positions having an indirect contact with the government. Meaning, any company that would be contracting with the federal government for any work which would be possession related charges.

There is a greater stigma associated with persons who are accused of being in the drug trade or the economics of drug transactions. For example, sale, manufacturing, possession with intent, distribution, trafficking. Having allegations of criminal convictions with respect to those drug offenses make those offenses extremely intimidating in Fort Lauderdale.

Prosecution of Substance Offenses

Because the government, through the Prosecution, is going to come at that individual a lot more harshly as compared to somebody who is in possession of a controlled substance for a personal or recreational use. The bottom lines are, because of the stigma and the consequences, it is important that an individual contacts a drug possession defense Attorney as soon as possible because the prosecutions can be impacting and aggressive.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department treat those types of charges seriously both at the state and federal level. The penalties tend to get stiffer and more severe as the years go on. The introduction of the Patriot Act has added to the government’s ability to investigate and prosecute drug related offenses throughout the state of Florida.

If an individual in Ft Lauderdale is subject to the intimidating factors of drug charges, it is imperative that the person contact a drug defense Attorney as soon as possible. Our Lawyers used to prosecute these types of offenses and we are now defending clients with respect to drug related prosecutions.

Role of Non-Prescription Drugs

A certain portion of the population feels that if the controlled substance is one that can be obtained by a prescription that abusing it would be seen differently in the eyes of the law. There might be a certain degree of confusion versus an individual who is caught with cocaine versus an individual who might have obtained a controlled substance that is obtainable by prescription perhaps because they were given that pill or that substance by a friend. They are both illegal and the consequences for each can be very similar. The penalties are even greater for possession a significant number of pills.

Even though a person can obtain them by prescription, if someone is not holding a prescription for those pills, for example, they can face some very serious consequences, not only possession of that controlled substance but possession with the intent to distribute or deliver or even trafficking. There could be a degree of confusion out there in the general public between the distinction between substances that can be obtained by lawful prescription or not. Either the person has a right to possess a controlled substance or not. Whether the person could have obtained the drug by prescription is of very little consequence when considering intimidating factors of Ft Lauderdale drug charges.

Reach out to our team today to discuss your defense options for a drug case.

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