Under Florida law, if a probationer fulfills all conditions of probation and is not in violation of the laws, the Department of Corrections may recommend granting early termination of probation. An individual may petition for early termination at any time. However, the best time to file is when the probationer has served at least 50 percent of the original probation term. Other conditions that weigh in favor of early termination include satisfactorily fulfilling all the terms, keeping a job and graduating from school. In order to learn more about the process of applying for early termination and what you should expect, consult with a West Palm Beach early termination of probation Lawyer today. An experienced criminal defense Attorney in Palm Beach County can assist in advocating on your behalf and ensure you have met all the conditions of your probation.

Termination of Probation Process

To start the process of early termination of probation, your West Palm Beach attorney is required to file a motion with the court. A copy must be sent to the State Attorney’s Office and another copy sent to your probation officer. Once the motion has been filed, the court will schedule you for a hearing date. At the hearing, you or your Lawyer in West Palm Beach will need to present your case and demonstrate that you have fulfilled all conditions, and argue that early termination of probation should be granted.

Importance of a Lawyer When Petitioning for Termination of Probation

When filing a motion for early termination of probation, it is important to have the advice of an experienced West Palm Beach early termination of probation Attorney. First, the process of filing the paperwork can be complicated, so an attorney can ensure that all your paperwork has been filed properly. Also, it can be difficult to actually obtain early termination of probation, as the court is not required to grant your motion, and the prosecution will likely object. One of our Lawyers can also represent you in court and argue persuasively for why you should be granted early termination of probation.

Record Sealing

If the court grants your motion for early termination, you may in some cases be eligible to have your record sealed. Records sealing is only possible if your probation has been terminated.

Because the application and legal process for early termination can be complicated, and it is difficult to tell when to file for early termination of probation, it is important to find a highly qualified West Palm Beach early termination of probation Attorney to help you with your case. For over 46 years, the Law Offices of Leifert & Leifert have successfully represented many clients seeking early termination of probation or community control in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County. Our West Palm Beach County have developed a track record of success in early termination of probation and other criminal defense cases.

Our Lawyers can guide you through the entire process of early termination of probation, from filing your motion to representing you at the court hearing. We can help you determine the best time to apply for early termination of probation, make sure all the paperwork has been filed properly, and aggressively represent your interests in court. In addition, if this petition is granted by the court, our Attorneys may be able to get your criminal record sealed so that you can move on with your personal and professional life. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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