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West Palm Beach False Imprisonment Lawyer

Anyone accused of false imprisonment should seek the help of an experienced West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney. In some cases, false imprisonment charges may arise from a miscommunication between two or more people.

Sometimes, these charges are levied against someone who was merely trying to defend themselves against attack. In these cases, a West Palm Beach false imprisonment lawyer can help present your side of the story in court in your defense. If you have been charged with false imprisonment or the more serious charge of kidnapping, call a skilled criminal lawyer immediately.

False Imprisonment Charges in Florida

According to Florida Code Section 787.02, someone commits false imprisonment when they either:

  • Forcibly, by threat, confine, abduct, imprison, or restrain another person without lawful authority against their will
  • Secretly confine, abduct, imprison, or restrains another person without lawful authority against their will

Essentially, this law means that when someone restrains another against their will, they have falsely imprisoned that person. False imprisonment is a serious crime because it impedes someone freedom without legal authority. However, when the person accused has the legal authority to restrain or otherwise imprison another, they have not committed this crime. For example, if a police officer lawfully arrests someone, they have not committed false imprisonment.

Example of False Imprisonment

Even momentarily restraining another person unlawfully and against their will can constitute false imprisonment. This means that someone who merely grabs another person by the arm in order to restrain them may face false imprisonment charges depending on the circumstances. Some common examples of false imprisonment may include:

  • Threatening someone with a weapon in order to prevent them from leaving
  • Locking someone inside a room without an exit
  • Physically restraining someone without legal authority to do so
  • Coercing someone so they cannot leave a location
  • Illegally drugging or intoxicating someone in order to prevent them from leaving

Those who are accused of this crime should speak with a West Palm Beach false imprisonment lawyer right away.

Potential Penalties

False imprisonment is a third-degree felony under state law. This means that someone convicted of this crime, even on a first offense, could face up to five years in prison, and up to $5,000 in fines. They could potentially face up to five years of probation as well, or instead of prison. Potential penalties increase for each subsequent conviction. The specific sentence someone could face upon conviction will depend on the facts of their case.

False Imprisonment vs. Kidnapping

False imprisonment is a separate crime from kidnapping, though the two offenses are related. When someone commits false imprisonment with the intent to hold the other person for ransom; as a hostage; to commit a felony; to inflict bodily harm upon them, or to commit terrorism, the offense becomes kidnapping.

Under state law, kidnapping is a more serious crime than false imprisonment, and anyone convicted of kidnapping could face up to 30 years in prison. A West Palm Beach false imprisonment lawyer can help those accused of kidnapping. In some cases, a defense attorney can get the kidnapping charges lowered to false imprisonment, or may even be able to get the charges dismissed altogether.

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