Today’s ever-evolving technology, the internet, and social media have advanced and connected society to an unprecedented degree. Unfortunately, mass innovation has also helped cybercriminals find new and more advanced ways to cause harm to others.

While closely policing the internet and other technology is necessary, it can also lead to innocent people facing false accusations or arrest for crimes they did not commit. One of our hardworking West Palm Beach cyber-crimes lawyers could help strategize a sound defense when you face arrest or conviction for technology-related crimes. At Leifert & Leifert, our experienced defense attorneys can fight to get the best result possible for you.

What Are Cyber Crimes?

The Federal and State government views cyber-crimes as a massive risk to adults and children. These attacks are devastating to the alleged victims, including significant financial losses, system failure, and sensitive data breaches.

The two primary types of cyber-crimes are those targeting computers and those using computers. Targeting computers involves using technology or software to damage computers or other communication devices. Cybercriminals are often accused of using computers to spread harmful content, pictures, software, or viruses.

Four Cyber Crime Categories

Most cyber-crimes also fall within four primary categories:

  • Computer crimes that target people
  • Cyber-crimes that target organizations
  • Illegal activity targeting intellectual property rights
  • Cyber-terrorism that targets and intends to hurt society

Cyber-crimes are the unlawful use of a computer or communication device to promote or commit an illegal act against any person or organization. To charge you with a cyber-crime, the State Prosecutor must prove that you knowingly—and without authorization—hacked or transmitted information or destroyed electronic communication devices or networks. A skilled attorney in West Palm Beach could answer specific questions about cyber-crimes statutes and your case during your consultation.

Federal Cyber Crimes Statute

Many Federal and State criminal statutes define and seek to prevent cyber-crimes. Some of the federal laws include:

The United States Government recommends that anyone convicted of a Federal cyber-crime serve a prison sentence of up to 20 years unless the crime leads to someone’s death. In that case, they could spend life in prison without parole. Our Attorneys in West Palm Beach will defend your rights and freedom aggressively, ensuring you are not falsely accused of a serious computer crime.

Call a Skilled Cyber Crimes Attorney in West Palm Beach

While cyber-crimes are a massive threat to everyone and the Federal and State Governments must try and prevent them, false accusations or arrests are surprisingly typical. An arrest for internet or cyber-crimes can result from a vast range of criminal activity, and the consequences for a conviction are severe.

However, an arrest does not mean a conviction. You do not have to face this challenging time alone. One of our hard-working and experienced West Palm Beach cyber-crimes Lawyers will investigate the cause of your arrest and help create the best potential defense strategy to reach a positive outcome. Call the office of Leifert & Leifert today to schedule a consultation with our legal team.

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