When a driver is being accused of driving aggressively, often times they are just in a rush to reach their destination and mean no harm or ill will to nearby drivers. However, the law does not take this into account when punishing those who choose to drive in such a way, and as a result, convicted drivers may experience expensive traffic fines and points added to their license. Although these matters could simply be taken care of by paying the fine and accepting the penalty, it may be worth investigating the positive impact a legal advocate could have on your case.

If you have been charged with aggressive driving, you are within your right to challenge the testimony of an officer with the help from one of our local traffic defense Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert. To learn more about what a West Palm Beach aggressive driving Lawyer could do for you, reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.

What is Aggressive Driving?

A traffic offense could be considered aggressive driving if more than one driving infraction occurred at the time. For example, while speeding can be considered aggressive, the offense would only be considered to be speeding. However, is someone is speeding and following too closely behind someone’s bumper or swerving in and out of lanes, the driver would most likely be charged with aggressive driving. This type of driving stands out among other drivers in the flow of traffic, is considered dangerous, and could be an enhancement to any crime or any infraction that someone may be charged with.

Common Scenarios that Lead to Aggressive Driving Charges

Common scenarios that lead to aggressive driving charges in West Palm Beach typically involve speeding. For example, not only could a driver be charged with aggressive driving by weaving in and out of traffic, but also refusing to yield the right of way to another vehicle at an intersection or merging on a highway. Considering the difference in speed between the alleged speeding driver and the driver trying to enter the road, if an accident were to happen, the potential injuries could be particularly severe. As a result, the law tries to punish those who may have had the ability to cause such an accident.

What Level of Offense is Aggressive Driving in West Palm Beach?

Aggressive driving is treated like a traffic infraction in West Palm Beach, which an Attorney could explain. This type of offense is punishable by up to a $500 fine, three points on someone’s license, and a requirement to attend driving school. If an aggressive driving offense causes injury to anybody, the driver’s license would be suspended. However, if no accident or injuries occurred, a driver’s license suspension is not possible.

Prosecuting Aggressive Driving Cases

Since, traffic infractions are not typically prosecuted by a prosecutor or a state Attorney, aggressive driving offenses are typically handled by the officer alleging the offense in West Palm Beach. For a traffic offense to be prosecuted by a prosecutor, the offense would have to rise to a level of recklessness and criminality, which is above aggressiveness. As a result, the officer acts as both the witness and the Prosecutor, whereas the Judge acts as the finder of fact.

What Officers Look for When Pulling Someone Over

When an officer is looking to pull someone over in, they are looking for qualities in a driver that pose harm to themselves and anyone or anything nearby. Officers are trained to spot different actions that would be considered dangerous or unusual. Law enforcement would also consider the flow of traffic and whether a person’s actions are obeying the flow of traffic. For example, if the roads are congested, law enforcement may pull someone over for weaving in and out of traffic. Typically, this fat pattern occurs amongst motorcyclists who are not staying in their lanes and are driving around all stopped traffic.

Contact a West Palm Beach Attorney About aggressive Driving Charges

When a driver decides to work with one of our experienced Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert, they should expect to work with someone with the right level of professionalism and dedication to get them the best result possible. Sometimes, depending on a person’s driving history, these types of cases may result in a dismissal. In other cases, drivers have seen no points added to their license or no requirement to attend driver’s school. Although not every case is the same, these outcomes could be possible with the help of a trusted Attorney.

If you have been charged with driving aggressively, you should consider scheduling a consultation today. A West Palm Beach aggressive driving Lawyer could review your driving history and the details of your offense in an effort to have the charge dismissed or reduced. However, the more you delay your case, the less time you have to prepare, so contact us today to get started.

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