Being arrested and charged with a felony can be terrifying. Many individuals might feel that the severity or the degree of the charge is unfair. Perhaps someone did not do what they were accused of, or that there had good reasons or legal defense of justifications for their actions.

When people are first charged with a crime, they often feel the outlook is bleak, but in reality, there is hope for the case to have a positive outcome.

People facing felony charges in Florida need a Ft. Lauderdale felony lawyer who will hear and understand their story, who knows the law, and who will work hard to prepare the case for Court and obtain the best possible result. To get started on your defense, consult with a defense lawyer today. En Español. 

First Steps to Take After Felony Charges

Anyone accused of a felony is entitled to speak to a felony attorney in Ft Lauderdale, and it is in the accused’s best interest to do so as soon as possible.

A person who is arrested, particularly for a crime they did not commit, is likely to be frustrated, but it is important to remain calm. Resisting arrest and fighting an officer will likely only result in further legal complications. It is better for clients to let their attorneys do the fighting for them.

Someone facing felony charges should feel free and open with their Ft Lauderdale felony attorney, as they are protected by the attorney-client privilege. Attorney-client privilege means that whatever someone says to their lawyer is completely private, unless the communication or information involves an immediate danger directed at a specific person.

How a Defense Attorney Can Help

An attorney works to improve the outcome of  felony cases and achieve the best possible result or outcome in Ft. Lauderdale. Our primary goal and objective is to obtain or achieve a dismissal or dropping off the charges. Alternatively, our Ft. Lauderdale defense attorneys will look for ways to get the Felony charge or charges reduced to lesser a Misdemeanor offense. Here are just some of the many services a lawyer will perform for their clients:

  • Investigate the case, interview witnesses, and search for defenses and mitigating factors.
  • File necessary Motions to Dismiss the charges and/or Motions to Suppress (throw out or exclude) incriminating items of evidence.
  • Prepare the case for trial by carefully examining the evidence, exploring any and legal defenses, taking depositions and applying relevant laws and court guidelines such as the Florida Criminal Code, Sentencing Guidelines, and Jury Instructions.
  • Negotiate with the prosecution about a resolution in lieu of trial and advocate for dismissal of the charges or lenient sentencing by arguing applicable defenses such as self-defense, lack of evidence, reasonable doubt and mitigating facts and circumstances.
  • Have the experience to properly speak with the judge and work to persuade the jury.

Once someone who has been charged with a Felony consults an attorney, the attorney protects the client through the progression of the case, from investigation, to research, to negotiating with the Prosecutor, to preparing the case for trial.

Investigating cases and researching legal issues are part of practicing law, but so is maintaining helpful relationships with Judges, Prosecutors and courtroom personnel and staff. Felony cases often involve plea bargaining and negotiating with the prosecution.

All of our experienced defense attorneys are former Prosecutors who work to ensure that you will be treated fairly and obtain the best possible result in this process.

Trying a criminal case involves a complex understanding of the local laws, courtroom etiquette, typical case outcomes, trends in jury behavior, and the needs of the individual client.

A felony attorney is so important to a successful defense, and having an attorney with knowledge and dedication can make an incredible amount of difference.

Call a Ft. Lauderdale Felony Attorney Today

In a Felony case, a person’s quality of life and reputation are on the line. Having a lawyer you can trust will significantly increase the odds of a more successful and efficient outcome. Do not despair. Let us use our decades of local experience, knowledge, and hard work to fight for you. Contact a Ft. Lauderdale felony lawyer today so we can help.

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