Traffic tickets and driving violations are taken seriously in Fort Lauderdale because the court process often includes law enforcement participation. However, an experienced traffic attorney has the knowledge you may need to fight the accusations against you. It could be critical to speak with a lawyer before contesting traffic tickets in Ft Lauderdale.

What is the Traffic Ticket Process?

A lot of times, police officers arrive on the scene of the accident after the parties have pulled their vehicles off the roadway and exited their vehicles. In accident cases, more often than not, civilian witnesses are required to go to court and testify.

In a typical accident case, the case is set for trial and the police officer testifies to the alleged incident. If the parties in the other vehicle failed to show up, there is a good chance that the case might be thrown out for the government’s failure to present evidence that the person issued the traffic citation.

Role of Ignorance of Traffic Law

Being unaware of local traffic laws could not be used as a defense for someone’s citation. However, it could be used as a mitigating factor or circumstance to advocate for a lesser penalty, but lack of knowledge regarding the local traffic rules is not a legal defense or method of contesting Ft. Lauderdale traffic violations.

What a Driver Should Expect From their Driving Violations Case

The outcomes of these cases almost always are better if brought to the court and challenged. That is the most important thing. Even if it might cost a little, they should not be pennywise and foolish. The money spent on a traffic attorney is well-spent. If citations are not handled properly, they could result in excess points on an individual’s record.

Instead, our dedicated Ft. Lauderdale lawyers could exhaust all the possible options to contest a traffic ticket and keep a defendant’s case on track.

How Can Points on Someone’s License Impact their Future?

Points could lead to the potential suspension of the driver’s license, the increase of insurance premiums, or future violations used to enhance any penalties. Any time an individual receives a traffic citation or a traffic ticket, it is well within their best interest to challenge the citation in court. Those accused should speak with an Ft. Lauderdale attorney about contesting traffic violations.

How an Attorney Could be Helpful When Contesting Traffic Tickets in Fort Lauderdale

If there is language on the citation that would substantiate the charge, like technical defects on the charging document, then from a factual standpoint, they would challenge the allegations or cross-examine the police officer, making sure that if there is any documentation to support any scientific evidence, for example, in a speeding case, laser documentation, radar documentation, documentation of training, and schooling.

If a speeding allegation derives from pace-clocking, an attorney may want to ensure that the speedometer has been checked. It should be calibrated once every six months to make sure that those documents are actually brought to court. In accident cases, the government would have to prove that the person who received the citation was actually operating the motor vehicle. It is an attorney’s position to help the accused consider contesting traffic tickets in Ft Lauderdale based on the facts of their case.

To learn more about how our firm can help, reach out to our office today.

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