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Tickets for Out-of-State Drivers in Ft Lauderdale

Any out-of-state driver who receives a ticket in Fort Lauderdale should consider engaging the services of a distinguished traffic attorney. There might be one or two exceptions to that, but for the most part, if a person gets a ticket in Fort Lauderdale, it will probably show up on the person’s record in their home state. Therefore, it may be critical to speak with legal counsel about how to handle tickets for out-of-state drivers in Ft Lauderdale.

Consequences for Out-of-State Drivers that Do Not Pay their Traffic Citation

A lot of people have the misconception that if they do not have a Florida driver’s license, then nothing can happen to their driver’s license back home. If a visitor comes to Fort Lauderdale for vacation, gets a speeding ticket, and goes home doing nothing with it, the State of Florida would suspend that individual’s privilege to drive in the State of Florida. Tickets for out-of-state drivers in Ft Lauderdale and any subsequent suspensions are reported to a nationwide database at some point in time.

Can a Traffic Violation Carry Over to Someone’s Home State?

The individual’s home state will pick up on that privilege to drive in Florida and the suspension in Florida will be carried over. In order to avoid that, the driver can pay for any late fees and a license clearance fee, but if an individual ignores the citation issued in Fort Lauderdale and they do not let them in the area, eventually it is going to cause a suspension wherever they are residing.

What Happens After a Citation is Made?

Following tickets for out-of-state drivers in Ft Lauderdale, a citation would be filed with the courthouse and if the deadline is not met, which is normally 30 days from the date of issuance, the local courthouse would transmit the failure to comply with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. They would issue a suspension warning to the address on the individual’s home driver’s license, giving them an opportunity to fix the problem.

Benefit of an Attorney Following Tickets for Out-of-State Drivers

Tickets for out-of-state drivers in Ft Lauderdale should be treated the same way in-state drivers would expect to handle a citation. Any time an individual receives a traffic citation or infraction, they should consider challenging and fighting it in court.

It would be better to have the representation of an experienced traffic defense attorney, but even if an individual chooses to represent themselves, the results of the charge or the citation typically wind up being better if the ticket is brought into court.

If a ticket is not challenged through the court system, an individual would have to make an election between taking the points off their record and electing one of the limited chances to go to driving school in an effort to resolve the case. It could be critical to speak with an attorney about how to handle your case.

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