Following a traffic offense, it is important to contact a lawyer in order to start building your defense. While traffic offenses are common, they still have serious consequences ranging from fines to license suspension. With so much at stake, it could be helpful to speak with a legal advocate. If you want to know which Ft. Lauderdale traffic defense strategies could add to your case, speak with a skilled traffic lawyer that could answer your questions. A capable attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to build a solid defense for you.

Importance of Proper Protocol

There are rules that have to be followed when charging someone with a traffic offense. For example, regarding a speeding ticket case, depending upon what method the officer is using — laser, radar, pace clock — there are records that are kept and documents that have to be presented. One of the first things that an attorney will look at is the citation of the infraction which is the legal document that brings an individual before the court, to have to respond to an actual charge and that is on a non-criminal traffic case.

A lot of criminal cases are filed on a document called an information and in a lot of other states, it is called an indictment. The attorney will look to the document that initiates the charge to see if it was properly and legally executed, so in a situation where an individual is cited with a traffic infraction, they will vigorously inspect that infraction or that document to make sure it is legally sufficient. One of the Ft. Lauderdale traffic defense strategies an attorney might leverage is errors in proper protocol. A lot of cases and charges get thrown out because the citation and infraction were not legally executed, or something is missing.

Creating Reasonable Doubt

Those are technicalities that an attorney would look for and then if the case is not dismissed as a result of those types of strategies, then they look to the actual facts of the case itself whether or not law enforcement is in a position to be able to prove the charge. Creating reasonable doubt in the government’s case, filing motions to dismiss, taking depositions, and so on, are all Ft. Lauderdale traffic defense strategies that a person could use.

Constitutional Issues in Traffic Cases

A criminal lawyer’s role in defending a person charged with a traffic violation is to protect an individual’s rights obviously, protect their record and do whatever they can to obtain the best possible result. The role that an attorney would play in defending a person charged with a traffic violation is do whatever they can to look for ways to get the case dismissed whether it be looking for a potential constitutional violation involving Fourth Amendment infringements based on a bad traffic stop or a bad search or making arguments that there is lack of probable cause for the arrest, looking for ways to exclude or eliminate evidence, filing motions to dismiss, preparing the case for trial in the hopes of a not guilty verdict. A skilled lawyer may leverage Ft. Lauderdale traffic defense strategies to defend an individual.

Role of an Ft. Lauderdale Traffic Defense Attorney

As someone who has the experience of being a prosecutor and representing people who have been charged with a criminal traffic offense, an attorney’s goal is to resolve the case with the best possible result under the circumstances. The first thing that a lawyer would do is see what they could do to get the case dismissed and then if that does not work, they would make sure that the case is resolved and that the defendant receives the best possible outcome. If an individual has been charged, they should speak with a qualified traffic lawyer that could use Ft. Lauderdale traffic defense strategies to achieve the best possible outcome for an indivual.

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