Domestic violence charges can lead to serious penalties and ramifications in your professional and personal life. If you are facing allegations of domestic violence, call us at Leifert & Leifert. Our seasoned domestic violence lawyers could advocate on your behalf and protect your rights. Call today and set up a consultation with an attorney who could help you with building a West Palm Beach domestic violence defense.

Professional Impact of a Domestic Violence Charge

Having a domestic violence conviction on someone’s record could severely impact their professional life. If someone is a health care professional, any violent crime or charge of battery could revoke their privilege to practice. Depending on the Defendant’s occupation, they could be suspended from their job. Also, employers may not want to hire a potential employee for a job due to the domestic violence charge. This is why it is critical to thoroughly prepare for a domestic violence case. A conviction could negatively impact a person’s livelihood and lifestyle.

The consequences of being arrested for domestic violence could be so severe that it could affect their ability to make a living, their reputation in the community and their career field, and even their constitutional right to carry a weapon. Therefore, if you are facing charges, you may want to speak with a West Palm Beach Attorney about building a domestic violence defense case.

Evidence a Defense Attorney Could Use

An West Palm Beach attorney could examine the facts and circumstances of the domestic violence case to determine what evidence they could use to build a person’s defense. Since attorneys may look for things to put the incident in question into context by answering:

  • What were the involved parties fighting over and why?
  • What led to that point where they were fighting?
  • Who was the aggressor?
  • Were there other incidents of violence in the home?
  • Were the police ever been called to the house, by whom and for what?
  • Did the couple ever receive counseling?
  • Does the other person have a substance abuse problem?
  • Does the couple have a substance abuse problem?

Negotiating With the Prosecutors and Judges

Lawyers are always looking at diagnosing the problem and the cause. After diagnosing the cause of the incident, it could help ensure that the incident is less likely to happen again. This could help a great deal in preparing a domestic violence defense in West Palm Beach since the Prosecutor and Judge are most concerned about protecting the accuser. While Judges and Prosecutors wish to appear tough on the accused, the defense attorney could attempt to convince the court that the incident was a short term problem.

They may be able to explain the incident and convey the accused person is remorseful and is taking the necessary steps to move through the ordeal. Lawyers at Leifert & Leifert could present letters from psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health counselors, substance abuse evaluations, and marriage counselors. Also, we may look to friends, family, and anyone else to help the accused.

Reach out to an Attorney for Assistance with Building a West Palm Beach Domestic Violence Defense

Defendants are recommended to hire an aggressive criminal attorney for help with building a West Palm Beach domestic violence defense. You should look for a Lawyer who has experience handling domestic violence cases and could advocate on your behalf. Call us today to learn how our dedicated team at Leifert & Leifert could help you avoid the penalties and long-term consequences of a domestic violence charge.

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