Due to the severity of the crime, a person facing a domestic violence allegation could be subject to harsh penalties and may find their reputation and livelihood at risk. An allegation is taken quite seriously by Law Enforcement, and they will move quickly to gather evidence and move forward with a conviction. If you have been accused of domestic violence in West Palm Beach, you may benefit from contacting a Lawyer who could inform you of the unique factors of West Palm Beach domestic violence charges. Our tenacious Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert could guide you through the legal process and champion your case to disprove any charges.

Domestic Violence Investigations

Domestic violence investigations have a degree of urgency to them more so than other criminal investigations. When someone is dealing with domestic violence, members of the criminal justice community are concerned about the possibility of imminent future violence. In a domestic violence investigation, the prosecutorial community may wish to ensure that if someone needs protection against violence from the court and from law enforcement, they are offered that protection. There is a different degree of urgency in making sure that the person is protected, the community is protected, and no one is hurt in the future.

Stranger-on-stranger crimes may sit for six months to a year before being resolved. A DUI involving a crash could take a couple of months before toxicology reports come back and the case may proceed. Domestic violence investigations are usually resolved in days. If no one is arrested on the spot, a warrant may come out within seven to ten business days from the time of the incident. The urgency of an investigation is one of the unique factors of domestic violence charges in West Palm Beach.

Facing a Charge for Domestic Violence

When someone is charged with domestic violence, they will then be thrown into a jail cell. The person is then fingerprinted and photographed and sent before a judge the first thing the next morning or day.

The Judge may order the accused person to stay away from their house or have limited contact with the individual they allegedly committed domestic violence against. These restrictions are placed on the person before they go to court and before they have been confronted with the evidence. Also, their Lawyer may not have been given a chance to challenge the evidence or present their own evidence to show why the accused person may not be guilty of this crime.

The Defendant might feel they have already been convicted because, once they are arrested, they have a label on them. Restrictions can be placed on their liberty as if they were already convicted even before they go to court.

Impact of Having an Attorney Present

It may be in the Defendant’s best interest to obtain a Lawyer at Leifert & Leifert who has experience with domestic violence cases and knows the local procedures, the police, the Prosecutors and the Judges to keep the restrictions to a minimum. Representation from our Attorneys may let local authorities know the person has the best possible advocate fighting for them so they are not to be treated like they are already convicted when they have not even been to court.

It is our Lawyer’s job to protect the Defendant and make sure they are not treated like a convicted criminal. We could ensure that the person is treated fairly up to and including their right to a trial on the matter.

Contact a Lawyer in West Palm Beach

A skilled Lawyer knowledgeable about the unique factors of West Palm Beach domestic violence charges could help an individual accused of domestic violence using the specific facts of the allegation as they relate to the accused and the accuser. Our Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert could examine the allegations being made and the circumstances surrounding the incident. They may determine whether any other incident occurred and could identify whether the people making the allegations against the accused are honest and trustworthy or whether they have a criminal record that shows them as non-trustworthy or non-credible to a jury. Call us today to learn more about the unique factors of these types of cases and how we could help you.

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