Individuals under West Palm Beach domestic violence no-contact orders are advised to avoid the other party at all costs. While a person may believe speaking with the other person will resolve the issue, this is typically not the case. Those who break no-contact orders could place themselves under further legal repercussions. If you were given a domestic violence no-contact order, consider speaking with a knowledgeable domestic violence Attorney. Our experienced Lawyers at Leifert & Leifert could explain how the court’s ruling affects your personal and professional life.

What is a No-Contact Order?

No-contact orders are usually given in criminal courts, while restraining orders are assigned in civil court. When a Judge issues a domestic violence no-contact order in West Palm Beach, the Defendant must stay away from whoever the judge orders them to have no contact with. This means the individual may not contact indirectly or directly the person who they were ordered not to have contact with. Most of the time, Defendants are ordered not to contact with the accuser and the witnesses to the crime.

When someone has a no-contact order issued against them, they are prohibited from texting, calling, or emailing the other person. Also, they cannot have a third party contact the other person as this would be indirect contact. A third party could be a person’s friends, co-workers, or parents. Domestic violence no-contact orders in West Palm Beach also prevent the defendant from going within a certain distance of the accuser or witness’ home, place of business, or location they know the other person will be at. Our dedicated Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert could help you understand the scope of your no-contact order and advise you on your next move in your case.

Unwanted Contact

No-contact orders for domestic violence in West Palm Beach are taken seriously. If an accuser receives unwanted contact from the Defendant, they may call a Prosecutor or a Police Officer. While the Judge is usually not the first person an accuser may attempt to get in touch with, bringing the unwanted to the attention of the Court is the requirement of the Prosecutor or the Officer. Courts may then move to revoke the person’s bond for violating the pretrial release.

Consequences of Contacting the Other Party

It is critical for the Defendant to avoid contacting the other party if they have been issued a no-contact order. If the Defendant fails to abide by the Court’s order, it is considered contempt of Court. This could lead to Jail time. This is also a violation of the pretrial release. When someone violates their no-contact order, they are exposing themselves to a substantial penalty. It is important for Defendants to refrain from contacting the other party involved in order to maintain their freedom and avoid being punished by the Court.

No-Violent Contact

Instances similar to incidental contact are called no-violent contact, in which a Defendant could have contact with these people without any violence occurring. To appeal to the court for a no-violent-contact, the accused person must get the accuser’s consent.

If a person was arrested after a fight with their significant other and seeks to have contact with them once more, they would need to petition the court. The Judge will not allow the person to reach out to their significant other if the significant other says no. If the other person consents, the Judge may probably allow it after reviewing the circumstances of the case.

Call a Lawyer About Domestic Violence No-Contact Orders in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach domestic violence no-contact orders can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert could help your situation. Let us advocate on your behalf and help you avoid additional criminal charges. We could also fight the allegations made against you. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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