An arrest warrant is defined as any direction from a court indicating to law enforcement to take a person into custody based on a standard of probable cause. If you have been issued an arrest warrant in a Fort Lauderdale criminal case, you should make it a priority to get in touch with the legal criminal defense professionals at Leifert & Leifert for guidance. An experienced lawyer could take charge of your case and work towards resolving your case in the most favorable manner possible.

How Does Probable Cause Relate to Warrants?

When law enforcement has probable cause to arrest someone, they have reason or the knowledge to believe that a suspect has committed, is in the process of committing, or is about to commit a crime. Probable cause is also considered an exception to the arrest warrant requirement.

When law enforcement makes an application to the court for an arrest warrant, more often than not, in a felony case than a misdemeanor case, they would execute an affidavit and have articulable facts and circumstances that would lead the court to make a determination that there is such probable cause. This is usually established by general police work, gathering evidence, taking witness statements, and examining the scene of any alleged criminal activity.

Consequences of Ignoring an Arrest Warrant

A person could face a charge of obstruction of justice or resisting arrest for ignoring an arrest warrant. Similar to a bench warrant, the quicker the matter is taken care of, the more favorably the court could understand the individual’s reasons for avoiding an arrest warrant as compared to somebody who was a fugitive for two years or however long.

How Long Does It Take for Law Enforcement to Obtain an Arrest Warrant?

The time it takes to obtain an arrest warrant depends on the facts and circumstances of the case, what type of investigation is involved, and how dangerous the suspect is deemed to be by law enforcement and the judge. In some cases, a warrant could be obtained within 24 hours. In other cases, a warrant could be obtained within a few weeks.

If a Ft. Lauderdale resident has further questions about ignoring a warrant or the case timeline, our hardworking lawyers could offer guidance and help defend against unfair situations.

How Could a Person Determine if a Warrant for their Arrest Exists?

If an arrest warrant is active, and the case has not gone to court yet, an arrest might not be made public out of fear that if the individual who is the subject for the warrant discovers the existence of the warrant that they might hide and hopefully run.

Under this circumstance, a member of the public might not be able to find that out whereby with an attorney, if they contact the State Attorney’s Office or local law enforcement agency, they might be able to discover the arrest warrant.

Schedule a Consultation for Legal Guidance

If you or someone you love has been issued an arrest warrant in a Fort Lauderdale criminal case, you should take immediate measures to ensure that your or their future is not jeopardized. Failing to act could worsen the circumstances of a criminal charge, making it vital to act sooner rather than later. Reach out today to learn more about your options.

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