Charges relating to the endangerment of a child could result in harsh penalties. When you face an arrest for child endangerment, the charges against you could have serious consequences for your life, employment, and future.

Seek the assistance of a Ft. Lauderdale child endangerment Lawyer at Leifert & Leifert to protect your rights and ensure you receive the strongest possible defense as your case progresses. While it may surprise you to be in this situation and you believe there is a misunderstanding, you must recognize the severity of the charge and the potential penalties you could face should the court convict you. A criminal defense Attorney is ready to fight for your rights and future.

The Definition of Child Endangerment

The term child endangerment under the law might include various actions or behaviors. The charge of child endangerment centers on the lack of care a child receives. Child care encompasses many aspects, such as housing, nutrition, access to medical care, and supervision.

You could face a child endangerment charge when authorities perceive your care of a child as inadequate or lacking. These offenses carry hefty penalties because of the underlying interest to protect a child, and the charges might be challenging to fight.

A child endangerment Lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale is essential when facing them; there is too much at risk, and a conviction could have ramifications for many areas of your life. Our Leifert & Leifert Lawyers take the appropriate steps to protect you during each stage following an arrest. They work to identify all potential defenses and issues arising from your arrest or its aftermath that may violate your rights.

Who Can Face a Child Endangerment Charge?

Often, people think child endangerment charges are possible only against the parents of a minor. Although many cases involve parents, this is not always true. Caretakers, educators, and others responsible for the care and well-being of children often face arrest for child endangerment.

How a Child Endangerment Arrest Affects the Future

A child endangerment charge could wreak havoc on your life. Apart from the criminal case and its consequences, there are the effects on your relationship with the child to consider. When you are the child’s parent, custody challenges will follow, as the state will probably intervene and reduce your custody rights either while the case is pending or, if a conviction occurs, for much longer.

In addition to the restrictions of contact with the child, there are consequences for your future and ability to work when you receive a conviction. When you are a caretaker, education worker, or anyone working with or around children, such an offense on your record can result in the inability to continue working in your field. Finding a defense Lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale following an arrest for child endangerment is critical: we can navigate the complex legal procedures and protect your rights.

Possible Penalties in a Child Endangerment Case

The state takes these charges seriously, and you risk severe consequences, including imprisonment, dismissal from work, and significant fines. Following a conviction for injuring a child, incarceration may reach 15 years under state law.

Call Our Ft. Lauderdale Attorneys to Defend Your Rights in a Child Endangerment Case

At Leifert & Leifert, our Ft. Lauderdale child endangerment Lawyers know the seriousness of these charges. We can defend your rights and build a case to seek the best resolution for you and your future.

Contact us today for a free case review. Use this initial consultation to discover how we can defend you after a child endangerment arrest.

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