It is easy to assume that legal trouble in criminal Courts only begins once the Police make an arrest. While this is true to some extent, it is crucial to remember that merely being the subject of a criminal investigation in Ft. Lauderdale can have severe implications for your present and future.

Learning that you are the subject of a police investigation should motivate you to seek out protection. Hiring a criminal Attorney to represent your interests could help limit the impact of Police questioning, assist you in preparing a defense, and even arrange for a scheduled surrender into Police custody that helps retain control over a situation.

How Might a Person Learn that they are the Subject of a Criminal Investigation?

Police Officers are rarely subtle in their work. They understand that most people have at least a healthy respect for them and their power to investigate crimes and make arrests. They also know that informing people of their status as a suspect in a crime may intimidate them into making mistakes or admitting guilt.

Many Ft. Lauderdale residents are informed directly by Law Enforcement that they are under investigation. This can take the form of what appears to be an informal interview at a suspect’s home or even a request that they come to a Police Station. Always remember that the sole purpose of these meetings is an attempt by Police Officers to obtain more evidence. It is a good idea to consult with an Attorney before attending these meetings or bring a Legal Advocate along for all sessions.

Concrete Ways in Which a Lawyer Could Help the Subjects of Criminal Investigations

Every person who learns about a Police investigation in Ft. Lauderdale that names them as a suspect should immediately seek out Legal Representation. An Attorney can help strategize in a way that limits the chances of an investigation turning into an arrest. This can include accompanying a person during all interactions with the Police, a right that the constitution guarantees.

However, many Police investigations will inevitably result in an arrest. In these situations, Legal Counsel could help arrange a scheduled surrender that could keep complications to a minimum and reduce the opportunity for press coverage. In addition, showing a willingness to surrender to Law Enforcement in a civilized manner makes it more likely that a Judge will offer appropriate bail terms during an arraignment. Having a seasoned Lawyer from the earliest possible opportunity could help lower the chances of an arrest and limit the amount of evidence that Police may obtain during the investigation process.

Allow an Attorney to Help with Criminal Investigations in Fort Lauderdale

Police investigations in Ft. Lauderdale are always serious matters. In many situations, Law Enforcement has a reason to believe that you have committed a crime. They might already have sufficient evidence to make an arrest but want to bait you into providing more information or even a confession.

If you find yourself under investigation, it is important to give yourself the best possible chance of a positive case outcome. Hiring a Legal Team to represent your interests could give you an advantage. An Attorney at Leifert & Leifert can be present for all Police interviews, whether an arrest has occurred or not. They can also work to contest the legality of any warrants that may justify a search of your home or other private property. Finally, if a Court does issue an arrest warrant, they can schedule a time for a surrender that improves your standing before a Judge. Speak with one of our Lawyers now to get started.

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