As technology continues to advance, so do options for cybercriminals and hackers. The internet offers more access to people’s private information than ever before. Any illegal activity involving computers or computer networks is considered a cybercrime.

While the offenses are serious crimes and the State Prosecutor must handle them as such, sometimes an innocent person faces charges, or accusations are merely misunderstandings. Call a hardworking Ft. Lauderdale cyber crimes lawyer when you have questions or need help preparing a defense. Our dedicated criminal defense Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert can fight on your behalf in Court.

Common Cyber Crimes in Ft. Lauderdale

People have been indicted for many cyber crimes in recent years. When you are arrested on suspicion of a cyber crime, The State Prosecutor must prove you used the computer or other device when the offense occurred for you to be convicted. Some of the common crimes in Ft. Lauderdale include:

  • Online solicitation of a child
  • Computer or network hacking
  • Identity theft by use of a computer or electronic device
  • Internet fraud and schemes to scam and take advantage of others
  • Cyberbullying, using technology to harass or embarrass targets
  • Cyberstalking, using electronic communication devices for repeated harassment or threatening of the victim
  • Romance scams, using fake profiles on dating sites and social media to gain affection and trick others into sending them money or property
  • Phishing by sending emails or other messages pretending to be a reputable company and tricking people into providing their private and protected information

A Ft. Lauderdale Attorney could review your questions during an initial consultation and determine the best strategy for defending your cyber crimes charge.

Cyber Crimes Against Digital Intellectual Property

Cyber crimes against digital intellectual property occur when an individual uses the internet to commit theft. The criminal statute covers stealing another person’s ideas or work through hacking, downloading, or transferring files without permission from the owner.

Crimes Against Computer Users

In Florida, crimes against computer users address hacking, trespassing, or unauthorized access to a person’s private electronic data. Cybercriminals may use viruses, malware, or other techniques to gain access to the information without consent.

The Florida Computer Crimes Act

The Florida Computer Act (FCCA), under Chapter 815 of the State’s Statutes, addresses many computer-related crimes. The laws protect Florida residents, private businesses, and governmental agencies. According to Florida Statutes § 815.02, the State recognizes that computer and network crimes are a significant and increasing problem that causes organizations and people to sustain considerable financial losses and other damages.

The fast rate of technology expansion continues to provide cybercriminals with new opportunities. Therefore, laws will continue to get stricter.

Potential Penalties for Cybercrime Convictions

The penalties for a cybercrime conviction can vary, and the Criminal Court Judge will order fines and State Prison sentences based on the alleged Defendant’s actions and severity. Most convictions for cyber crimes against intellectual property are third-degree Felonies; however, specific circumstances could elevate the offense to a second-degree Felony.

Offenses against computer users could result in a third-, second-, or first-degree Felony, depending on the arrest and case details. A skilled cybercriminal lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale can help prepare a case against the Prosecution and advocate for your rights.

Schedule to Meet a Seasoned Cyber Crimes Attorney in Ft. Lauderdale

Computer, network, and internet crimes are severe: When you face charges for a crime like this, you must take the accusations seriously. One of our experienced Ft. Lauderdale cyber crimes lawyers could investigate the charges, arrest, and evidence and help develop a solid, personalized defense strategy.

The more time you have to prepare, the better the chance for a positive outcome in your case. Call our legal team members at Leifert & Leifert to schedule a consultation to review your case and options immediately.

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