Federal criminal offenses differ substantially from state criminal offenses in various ways. For instance, Federal prosecutors file these charges in separate Federal courts and punishment for these crimes follows Federal sentencing guidelines. As a result, if you are facing Federal charges, you likely will need the assistance of a Ft. Lauderdale Federal criminal Lawyer.

Legal counsel may be necessary to defend your constitutional rights and ensure that you receive a fair trial on the charges that you are facing. With proper legal representation, you may have a better chance of success in your case. By working with one of our criminal Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert, you may be giving yourself the best chance possible at obtaining a positive resolution to your case.

Common Criminal Charges Under Federal Law

While some crimes may be prosecuted under state or Federal law, some crimes primarily are prosecuted in Federal court. Federal crimes often include those that affect interstate commerce, occur in more than one state, concern Federal officials, or occur on Federal property. Some common crimes under Federal law may include:

All these crimes violate specific Federal statutes and other legislation that Congress has enacted. As a result, Federal law enforcement officials and prosecutors exclusively handle these cases. Due to the unique nature of Federal criminal offenses, getting the assistance of a Ft. Lauderdale Attorney may be highly beneficial.

Financial Crimes in Ft. Lauderdale

Many white-collar crimes that involve financial or business transactions qualify as Federal offenses, often because they involve interstate commerce or commercial activities in several states. Some of these crimes target Federal funds and programs, such as Medicaid, Medicare, mortgage, and bank fraud. Other white-collar crimes affect interstate commerce, such as mail and wire fraud.

Businesses and their employees may be involved in Federal crimes, as well, including insider trading and securities fraud. Investment professionals and others may commit embezzlement in the course of their employment, which can affect thousands of people nationwide. The potential penalties for these crimes under Federal law can be quite severe. An attorney in Ft Lauderdale can help you build a defense against financial federal crimes.

Federal Drug Crimes Prosecutions

When law enforcement authorities uncover major drug trafficking and distribution schemes that potentially involve millions of dollars of illegal drugs or multi-state operations, Federal prosecution is likely. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines, which recommend various sentences for drug crimes, are often harsher than those under state law. Federal law enforcement and prosecutors often have more resources and funds at their disposal to investigate and prosecute these large-scale crimes.

Furthermore, prosecutors often file drug trafficking and related charges under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). Historically used to prosecute gangs and Mafia-style crime families, prosecutors increasingly have used RICO to enhance Federal drug charges and other charges, such as fraud and money laundering. The addition of RICO charges, as well as mail and wire charges, often create harsher penalties for those convicted of Federal drug crimes.

As Federal prosecutions generally involve a different set of procedural and evidentiary rules, separate courts, and independent law enforcement officials, building an effective defense can be crucial. A Federal criminal Attorney in Ft. Lauderdale can work to determine the best defense strategy available by explaining the nuances of the Federal criminal justice system. This knowledge may allow individuals to make well-educated decisions about their cases.

Contact a Ft. Lauderdale Federal Criminal Attorney

Facing Federal criminal charges can be overwhelming and stressful as you consider the impact that a conviction could have on your future. You may be facing significant time in Federal prison and a criminal record that will cause you to lose not only your job, but potentially your career as well. Whatever your charges may be, enlisting the help of a Ft. Lauderdale Federal criminal Lawyer at Leifert & Leifert may be highly advantageous to you.

Federal criminal convictions not only can result in incarceration, but they can result in years of supervised released, high fines, and forfeiture of assets. A permanent criminal record may make it more challenging to get jobs, housing, credit, and more. To avoid or minimize the possibility of these repercussions, you may have to consult legal counsel with experience in handling Federal criminal matters. Call today to learn more about fraud defenses.

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