Terroristic threats are classified as messages that threaten violence against an individual or group. The threats must be credible and induce fear of imminent danger resulting in severe bodily harm or death. The charges are serious and could result from sending, posting, or transmitting written threats of violence to others.

The Legislation includes electronic communication, text messages, voice recordings, or records. The law even considers a post on social media threatening to terrorize others a terroristic threat.

When you are accused of a crime as serious as this, you need representation from one of our aggressive criminal defense Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert. Schedule a meeting with our Ft. Lauderdale terroristic threats Lawyers to review your case.

Written Threats to Conduct Acts of Terrorism

Authorities may issue an Arrest Warrant when they determine the existence of terroristic statements intending to provoke others to experience reasonable fear of violent attacks or bodily harm. According to the directive of Florida Statutes § 836.10, threatening to carry out violent acts in writing or conducting an Act of Terrorism is unlawful and punishable as a Second-Degree Felony.

Sentencing includes up to $10,000 in fines and a 10-year sentence in State or Federal Prison. An alleged Defendant could sometimes face State and Federal Prosecution if specific components are present. When you face these penalties for making a terroristic threat, a hardworking Attorney in Ft. Lauderdale can build a strong case to defend your rights.

The Elements of Terroristic Threats

Terrorist threats can have different meanings depending on the details of a case, such as the location of the alleged Defendant, the person they terrorized, and the reason for doing so. Regardless of the form of terrorism, the following elements must be present to establish guilt and obtain a conviction:

  • Proof that the alleged Defendant threatened someone in writing using a form of electronic communication or other technology
  • The threat of violence against others is clear and specific rather than vague statements that people could interpret differently
  • The written statement is credible, causing any reasonable person to experience fear of impending bodily harm or death
  • Proof that the alleged Defendant intended to threaten others or did so with reckless disregard

The burden of proof falls on the State Prosecutor; if they cannot establish each element, they have no case. Should the Jury find that the evidence does not adequately prove the necessary components, they must find that the party is not guilty of the charges. Our terrorist threats Lawyers in Ft. Lauderdale can defend your freedom by gathering the evidence to build a strong case and reach the best potential outcome.

Defense Strategy Options

Some defense strategies include showing the court that the individual did not intend to terrorize anyone or that there was no credible reason for rational people to fear for their lives or physical safety. A defense Attorney at Leifert & Leifert could also argue that the statements resulted from frustration and that both parties exchanged threats during a dispute or disagreement. One of our Ft. Lauderdale terroristic threats Attorneys can review your case and conduct an exhaustive investigation to help determine the best strategy for fighting back against your charges.

Call a Seasoned Terroristic Threats Attorney in Ft. Lauderdale

The increasing popularity of the internet and social media over the last 20 years brought new Legislation and an uptick in terroristic threat arrests. A moment of poor judgment and what may seem inconsequential during a dispute could be grounds for arrest or charges carrying life-changing penalties.

Shooting off a quick text message, contacting someone through Snapchat, or posting a rant with threatening language could have devastating consequences if someone takes you seriously and finds it credible. Call Leifert & Leifert today to schedule a consultation with a skilled Ft. Lauderdale terroristic threats lawyer.

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