If you are charged with a DUI, you should not risk going to court alone. There are many benefits of a West Palm Beach DUI defense Lawyer, and they could be essential to achieving a favorable outcome.

Contact Leifert & Leifert as soon as possible to discuss your case. Our Attorneys could try to protect your reputation, livelihood, and rights to continue to drive without having any increased insurance rates.

Protecting Driving Privileges

One of the main benefits of a DUI defense Lawyer in West Palm Beach is we could help protect driving privileges. There are methods we could use to challenge a suspension of your license. The first thing we want to do is make sure that your driver’s license is reinstated.

To stand up for your rights with the driver’s license office, we could enforce and effectuate your rights to have a driver’s license, whether it is a work permit or a full license

Negotiating with Prosecutors

Just because you were arrested does not mean you will be prosecuted. A DUI Lawyer could contact the state Attorney’s office or the Prosecutor’s office and try to convince them not to take any action on the case because we are going to fight it, there is not enough evidence, and they will lose. If we are not able to convince them to stop the charges or not file the charges, we could try to keep the penalties down to the minimum and even perhaps get the charges reduced.

Attorney’s Role in Court

A DUI Lawyer in West Palm Beach could stand up for your rights in court. We could make sure that all the evidence is reviewed, all the procedures are followed, and any error in the case is examined and taken advantage of.

If the Police Officers make a mistake either in policy, procedure, or law, the remedy is often to get the case Dismissed.

Importance of Hiring a Local DUI Lawyer

The law is black and white, one can pull out a book or do some research on a computer and find out what the law says. Most people do not realize, however, that local people both interpret and enforce the law.

Police Officers, Prosecutors, and Judges interpret and enforce the law. A person wants a local lawyer to know how these people enforce the law and what their policies, practices, and procedures are. When a person’s lawyer negotiates a resolution, the lawyer should know if they are getting a good deal.

A DUI lawyer who is not from West Palm Beach does not know the full limits of discretion of the individual prosecutor. Court personnel will not be afraid of a non-local lawyer because they are not aware of their abilities. They are not going to give the non-local lawyer the full benefit of their discretion and the benefit of having a prior working relationship with them.

Call to Learn More About the Benefits of a West Palm Beach Defense DUI Lawyer

The team from Leifert & Leifert is in Court every day. We have DUI cases in front of every Judge and almost every Prosecutor in the county, and we have had these continuously for the last 27 years. When we come into Court, they know what we are able to do, they know what we have done before, and the Prosecutors and Police Officers know that they have to dot their I’s and cross their T’s with us. In their past experience with our team, they know that we have indeed taken advantage of them when they have failed to do their job correctly.

If you have been charged with a DUI, call the team at Leifert & Leifert. In order to get the full benefits of a West Palm Beach DUI defense Lawyer, schedule a consultation as soon as possible. The sooner an experienced DUI Lawyer reviews your case, the sooner you could start building an effective defense.

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