The minimum penalty for out of state drivers charged with a DUI in West Palm Beach is the suspension of their license. Because the individual is an out of state resident, that means that in addition to Florida laws they must also comply with the laws of their home state. Depending on the state where that individual resides, it can be more difficult to have driving privileges reinstated or to get a work permit. However, to ensure that the penalties are minimized as much as possible in Florida it is important to seek the assistance of a West Palm Beach DUI attorney as soon as possible.

Defending West Palm Beach Visitors

The State of Florida attracts people from all over the world. With that said, drunk driving attorneys have represented clients that are from different states and have represented clients that are from different countries. It affects each of them differently. The most serious way it affects them is with their license in their home state. In Florida, if a person gets arrested for a DUI, they (Florida DHSMV) are supposed to report the arrest to their home state. Some states accept it or some states are good about recording their arrest for DUI and some are little more relaxed about it or just not on top of these situations.

What Regional Rules Apply to DUI Charges?

The National Driver Registry is a database where everyone who has a license from each of the 50 states is registered. DUIs for out of state drivers in West Palm Beach get flagged in the National Driver Registry that they got a DUI here and that their license has been suspended. If a person’s license becomes suspended here, it is put in that system, they would have to get out of that system in order to get their license reinstated. The National Driver’s License Registry is a way for all of the States to talk to one another and tell other States about their licenses and whether or not there is a problem with evidence. It is a way for the States to track their drivers when they are out of their home State.

Understanding Local DUI Laws

The DUI laws in the State of Florida are the same, State law is State law, and it applies throughout the State. The way DUIs are handled in the Courts in West Palm Beach differs from other nearby jurisdictions in that, for a first offense, West Palm Beach has a first offender DUI program whereas only three other jurisdictions in the State have that. West Palm Beach is one of 67 counties in the State of Florida that would allow a first time offender to go into an impaired driving diversion program but that is just a sentencing policy or a diversion program, the laws do not differ throughout the State; laws in West Palm Beach are no different from the laws in the rest of the State.

What would be considered a DWI charge in other locations is considered a DUI in Fort Lauderdale. Driving with an unlawful blood alcohol level and driving while impaired are the same offense in Florida. In New York, driving impaired is simply like a traffic ticket while DUI is a crime. If someone had those from out of State, Florida would consider those the same as DUI no matter what State it was from, as it is considered to be an alcohol-related driving offense.

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