If you or your child has received a DUI as a university student, there may be legal options to avoid a conviction on their permanent record. A West Palm Beach student DUI defense lawyer could offer you their assistance by acting as an aggressive advocate on your behalf. Read on to learn more about how a skilled criminal attorney could fight for your rights today.

How Can a DUI Affect the Status of a University Student?

Each university has a specific code of conduct. Some codes of conduct only deal with activities on campus and some deal with activities off campus depending on the school. Any student that gets arrested needs to look at their honor code and view the specific terms of the contract they signed to see whether or not they have an obligation to report an arrest or a conviction.

In a case where an individual is arrested for a DUI charge but is found not guilty, even if they were not convicted, they could still potentially be expelled from school because they failed to report the event to the board. While an offense that happens off-campus will most likely not affect their student status, it could cause problems if it occurred on campus and affected other individuals who attend that university. Know that a professional West Palm Beach lawyer could offer individuals aggressive representation and a legal defense in a student DUI case.

Underage DUI Consequences

If a student is under the age of 21 and their school has zero-tolerance policy toward alcohol, a conviction could face consequences through the legal system and at school. While a simple charge may not make a large difference in a student’s life, a conviction could result in harsher penalties or suspension from their university.

Because the student was under 21, they would be facing two charges. While the first would constitute the illegal consumption of alcohol, the second would involve driving under the influence. Individuals do not want to have these types of offenses on their criminal record at such as young age, as they could affect one’s ability to find future employment. To fight against these consequences, a dedicated West Palm Beach lawyer could assist in the mitigation of one’s penalties or lessen charges by building a defense for the student facing the DUI.

Penalties for Students Who Face Drunk Driving Charges

In addition to facing a disciplinary hearing at school, students accused of drunk driving could suffer severe criminal penalties. These typically depend on whether the student was of legal drinking age at the time of the charge. As most college students are under the age of 21, individuals facing DUI charges in these situations may receive a minimum fine of $1,000 in addition to a maximum jail sentence of one year. Additionally, this person could face at a six-month license suspension. A West Palm Beach attorney could help a student facing DUI charges build a defense to avoid or minimize these potential penalties.

Contact a West Palm Beach Student DUI Defense Attorney

While receiving your first criminal accusation can be a daunting situation, know that you do not have to face it alone. With the help of a skilled West Palm Beach student DUI defense lawyer, you could fight against your charges with an experienced advocate by your side. A qualified criminal attorney could gather evidence, interview professional witnesses, and create a strong defense strategy on your behalf. Consider retaining the determined representation of a lawyer from Leifert & Leifert today to protect your reputation.

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